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Unhappy Employees? How You Can Help

Why are some employees happy and others miserable? Answering that question is on the mind of every leader, manager and business owner who is trying to reduce staff turnover and improve productivity. Learning to be better managers can help us create a more positive working environment, which is good for everybody in our business.

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Has High-Intensity Exercise Gotten Out of Hand?

Many of today’s popular fitness offerings are based on a “go-hard-or-go-home” attitude. And new programs on the market suggest this extreme fitness trend may even be escalating. Some experts in the industry suggest that our current obsession with intensity hearkens all the way back to the early days of fitness. Early fans of the fitness industry relished high-impact aerobics, sometimes barefoot, or pushed to the max in the weight room.

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The Top 14 Rising Stars in Fitness

Within the fitness industry there is a breed of up-and-comers who are redefining the way the world views fitness. These are true innovators—mavericks poised to become the next generation of thought drivers and path pavers. IDEA Fitness Journal reached out to top names in fitness to learn who they believe are the rising stars who will push the industry toward greatness. This list is by no means exhaustive; think of it as representing the kinds of talents and ideas that will strengthen the industry in decades to come.

the Trailblazers

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Cert by Selfie

Surf around on any of the major social media networks these days—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Instagram—and you’ll likely get an eyeful of fitness selfies: photos of chiseled physiques or people staging “caught in the moment” snapshots of themselves at the gym or just after they’ve finished exercising. Social media’s eye-candy culture has become a perfect platform for fitness pros and enthusiasts to inspire others to get in shape and show off the physical outcomes of exercise with “selfies.”

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Ready, Set…Mud!

Does the idea of running a mud race appeal to you? Anyone who signs up for an obstacle challenge—whether for the fun, the teamwork (or, sometimes, the beer!)— will soon confront the substantial physical and mental demands of these races.

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30 Seconds to Victory

After spending much of his young life at a healthy weight, Lee Jordan began steadily gaining mass in his 20s. He reached a top weight of 450 pounds and was living what he refers to as a “nightmare of a life.” Inspired by his friend Beth, an ACE-certified personal trainer and now his wife, Lee began his journey to health and fitness by walking 30 seconds every morning down the hallway outside his apartment. Now, more than 275 pounds lighter, Lee is an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach who specializes in helping people who need to lose 100 pounds or more.

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The Mind-Body Man

John Manrique, cofounder of Revolutions Cycling Studio in Jupiter, Florida, is an indoor cycling instructor and sports enthusiast. “I knew I needed to add flexibility training to my routine and was interested in yoga, but . . . I never seemed to have time for [a class],” he says.

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IDEA’s Top Articles On Outdoor Exercise

In recognition of National Park and Recreation Month and its 2014 theme “OUT is IN,” we have assembled some of IDEA’s top articles on outdoor exercise. Use the ideas presented here to get your clients exercising outdoors, to keep them safe while doing so and to spice up your outdoor programming.

Mother Nature’s Gym

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Star-Spangled Salsa

Three team members from San Diego–based Jimbo’s…Naturally! Natural Foods Grocer recently treated the IDEA Tribe to an informative Lunch and Learn session as part of IDEA’s ongoing wellness initiative. The Jimbo’s team demonstrated three delicious recipes and shared samples of all the food. This inspired several IDEA staffers to get in the kitchen and try their hands at these healthy eats.

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Ask the RD

Question: A friend of mine suggested I take an apple cider vinegar shot in the morning to increase my metabolism and decrease my appetite throughout the day. Is there any truth to that?

Answer: Health claims associated with apple cider vinegar range from suppressing appetite to lowering blood pressure to aiding in digestion. As for your friend’s claim— that a shot of apple cider vinegar reduces appetite—a study examining the effects of apple cider vinegar on postmeal blood glucose and satiety didn’t show an impact (Chezem et al. 2012).

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IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips Garners Second Maggie Award

IDEA’s newest publication, IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips, recently won its second consecutive Western Publications Association “Maggie” Award, for excellence in magazine publishing. The special November–December print edition of the magazine was named Best Print Supplement in the trade publishing category.

Congratulations to IDEA’s editors, authors and designers, who have won a total of nine Maggies over the past 10 years.

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Don’t Judge Food Healthfulness by Texture

There’s no accounting for individual taste, especially when it comes to experiencing food flavors. But in the case of textures, a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that test subjects mistakenly believe that harder or more roughly textured foods have fewer calories.

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