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Time-Restricted Eating and HIIT
Time-Restricted Eating and HIIT

A study finds that combining time-restricted eating and HIIT is more effective at improving cardiometabolic health than either approach alone.

Family dinners
Health Benefits of Family Dinners

A survey found that 91% of parents said family dinners reduce feelings of stress, with 84% wishing they could eat together more frequently.

Candy and raisins to represent being with different people to eat better
Eat Better With Different People

Dine with others to eat better, since people are less likely to choose an unhealthy food option with those in a different social group.

Graphic of people eating fast food
Days Not Eating Fast Food

We know that diet quality takes a hit on days when people are eating fast food. But what about on days when they forgo it?

Two people dining and looking at restaurant calories
Calories in Restaurant Menu Items

Restaurant items added after the 2018 calorie listing requirements were put in place had fewer calories compared with items served before.