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How to Build a Business With Purpose

The most profitable and successful personal trainer entrepreneurs know that education is an absolute must for building a business that thrives for the long-term. That’s one of the reasons why Jill McKay first attended IDEA Personal Trainer Institute in 2015—and has returned ever since. Amidst a transition in her life from busy mom to fitness entrepreneur, she knew that she needed to learn more about the industry before she felt comfortable starting her new company.

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Four Strategies to Make More Money Now

The fitness profession is often seen as a labor of love; many entrepreneurs go into this business motivated to help others live healthier, happier lives. Yes, it’s a fulfilling pursuit, but I believe that our altruistic mindset holds us back as an industry. Personal trainers and studio owners should aim to maximize their revenues. Creating sustainable and thriving fitness careers will help push our young industry forward and allow us to continue to change people’s lives.

Putting You First

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How to Achieve a Winning Mindset

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are long over.

But for a moment, I want you to think back to the events that especially inspired you. What made you stand up and cheer for an athlete who performed a superhuman act of endurance, grace and sportsmanship? Whether it was Simone Biles defying physics, Michael Phelps earning stacks of gold medals or Katie Ledecky smashing world records, last year’s Olympians showed us what happens when talented, persistent individuals focus their minds on winning.

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Is Your Training Space Repelling Potential Clients?

Have you ever considered that your personal training space is the reason your business suffers?

You sit there, scratch your head and think, “My programs are great! Clients love them and get results from them. So why isn’t my schedule full?”

Is it lack of marketing? Nah. You’ve got social media down pat.

Is it lack of experience? Nah. You have more certifications that you can count on two hands.

Is it lack of confidence? Nah. You’ll talk to anyone, including the empty, echoing walls you currently face.

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Be Prepared to Scrap Your Plan

You can do all the planning in the world, but sometimes the plan is just not going to work. The things that really matter are the success
and safety of the people who walk into yourstudio. And to get those people to where
they need to go, you must meet them where they are today.

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Flexitarian Eating

Have you been tempted to become a vegetarian, but the thought of giving up barbecues or your mom’s meatloaf seems too daunting? Thankfully, you can obtain many of the same benefits of vegetarian living without forgoing meat completely. You just have to become a “flexitarian.”

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How to Keep Your Client in the Moment

Every fitness and wellness professional wants to build a consistent clientele, and the best pros retain clients for several years. Why do clients keep coming back? How is it that some trainers keep clients only a few months, on average, while others retain the same clients for years?

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Mother Nature’s Gym

Marie was a client who had long suffered from anxiety. I’d discovered years ago that a walk outside before a strength training workout calmed and focused her mind, resulting in a more effective workout for her and a more positive experience for both of us. When my boss found out, he went ballistic.

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The Path to Enlightened Leadership

As health and fitness professionals, we are in the business of helping others and leading them to grow and develop physically and mentally. How much more equipped we can be as leaders if we undertake this inner sculpting ourselves. In the act of changing and growing ourselves to reach our full potential, we become more effective in helping others achieve their goals.

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A Minor Issue?

When you work with enough clients, eventually you notice all the variations in biomechanics and anatomy. You may or may not remember from your fitness professional certification studies that only about half of people have a psoas minor muscle. When it's there, it lies in front of the psoas major and originates from the sides of the 12th thoracic vertebra (T12), the first lumbar vertebra (L1) and the corresponding intervertebral disk (Farias et al. 2012).

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A Look at Meditation

Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton, husband and wife, have been practicing Zen meditation for over 40 years and have taught for the last 20 at the Zen Center of San Diego. They lead retreats across the United States and in Australia and France and have led meditation in hospice venues and a retirement community. Katherine Watson, executive managing editor of IDEA Fitness Journal, interviewed them about the rising interest in meditation.

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8 Tips for Marketing Your Exercise Event

Many personal trainers and fitness professionals are well-educated, caring, and darn good at helping people get results. However, despite all good intentions, they struggle to fill their programs and schedules. Why?
It seems like, deep down, most fitness pros don’t want to be “that guy”; you know, the high-pressure, in-your-face, arrogant salesperson who is only after the big commission check. I don’t blame them. Savvy clients can smell a rotten egg a mile away.

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Be a Better Fitness Pro With Mindset Training

Michael Mantell, PhD, has spent the past 40 years urging people to change their minds to improve their bodies. Mantell, director of behavior science coaching at Premier Fitness Camp in San Diego, shares this story:
“I worked with an obese, gay male client, who finally came to realize that he’d been [too] humiliated to go to a gym because his mindset was, ÔÇÿPeople will laugh at me. I look horrible naked. I can’t ever have a lover because I can’t stand how I look, so how will anyone else? I can’t ever lose weight, because deep down I know I’m a failure.’”

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Couch Potatoes: Increased Risk of Dementia?

Now there’s one more reason to exercise. Sedentary older adults with no genetic risk factors for dementia may be just as likely to develop the disease as those who are genetically predisposed, according to a major study that followed more than 1,600 Canadians over 5 years.

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How to Ensure Your Indoor Cycling Cues are Crystal-Clear

Walk by any indoor cycling studio when a class is in session and you’re likely to hear cues like this:
“I want everyone at a 2!”
“Push yourself to a 7 and hold it there for 30 seconds!”
“Let’s start at a 3, turn up to 6, and then come back to a steady 4. Go!”
The key to unlocking a fantastic cycling class is somewhere in those numbers, but how well do your participants know what the numbers mean?

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