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We pledge to BE the CHANGE
we wish to see in the world
and in our industry.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association’s staff and members are united in opposing prejudice, bigotry and racism.

As a leader in the fitness industry, we have a responsibility to be proactive about discrimination that impacts our members and the people they serve. We believe racial justice and equality go hand in hand with supporting the mental and physical wellness of all people and with developing a holistic approach to health.

We continue to have crucial conversations with our staff, members and industry leaders that have pushed us to grapple with racism in the fitness industry and inspired us to create change.

Below is our pledge to learn more and do better. We understand that there is plenty of room for growth and that we may not have all the answers now, but we are committed to the ongoing process of learning, changing and acting. IDEA views this as a living document that will evolve. See our most recent updates below.

We further commit to continuing our charge of inspiring the world to hope, empathy, love, inclusion, equity, justice, and to being the change the world needs. We ask you to join us in our efforts to create a more inclusive, equitable industry that honors and represents the diverse perspectives and voices of our community, addresses all forms of discrimination in our industry, and takes progressive action for our most underrepresented members who need our support and advocacy.

Together we are stronger. Together we are more creative. Together we can inspire more of the world’s people to fitness, wellness and the pursuit of happiness.


1. Commit to Self-Reflection, Internal Education and Diversity Among IDEA Staff

We will raise our organizational self-awareness to evolve our industry in accordance with micro and macro sociological changes that impact our community at large. 

  • Seek education for the IDEA team from respected JEDI training resources to help us assess and acknowledge our internal shortcomings.
    • UPDATE: IDEA mandated DEI online LinkedIn trainings chosen and/or facilitated by a compensated HR consultant for all employees. These included Diversity & Inclusion; Fighting Gender Bias at Work; Thriving Across our Differences; and Understanding Unconscious Bias. The courses culminated in a 90-minute moderated discussion among team members.
    • UPDATE: The IDEA team received two additional training sessions led by IDEA’s Equity & Inclusion committee chair and fitness industry consultant Katrina Pilkington, MS: “Understanding Implicit Bias” and “Allyship, Advocacy and Accompliceship Workshop.”
  • Form a diverse committee/focus group of IDEA members and industry experts of color, different sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, physical abilities, etc., to gain a variety of perspectives and to help inform, steer and lead impactful initiatives.
    • UPDATE: This committee was formed in June 2020 and meets quarterly. Learn more.
  • Advance justice, equity, inclusion and diversity in our company, its leadership and our business practices. Address and reduce unconscious biases by implementing regular assessments of our internal hiring processes and our selection of authors, presenters and award recipients.
    • UPDATE: We are making steady progress in terms of better representing a more diverse array of authors, presenters, articles and live event session topics. We will strive to do more and do it better. See list of new articles, authors, podcasts, event sessions and experts featured below in #2.
  • Monitor our progress by consistently seeking feedback from the IDEA audience and greater fitness industry to assess ongoing needs, opportunities and barriers and offer ongoing solutions and meaningful support.
    • UPDATE: All articles, podcasts and event sessions feature comment boxes that welcome all viewpoints. We monitor these and respond.

2. Ensure That Internal Work Evolves to External Education, Visibility and Representation

We will use the learnings from our first set of commitments to educate and lead the industry in progressive and sustainable change. 

  • Study justice, equity, diversity and inclusion across the fitness and wellness industry; identify specific issues that call for improvement; and consciously and thoughtfully lead with change initiatives.
  • Develop courses, create content and conduct trainings on best business practices that support anti-racism and combat other forms of discrimination in our industry.
    • UPDATE: IDEA continues to meet with our DEI committee and work with staff to develop content ideas to serve the community and meet industry needs.
  • Use our media platform to raise awareness and facilitate discussions on these issues—as well as promote advocacy and programs that support at-risk communities—through articles, podcasts, panel discussions at events, webinars, and online courses. We will foster and inspire progressive interpersonal exchange, learning and communication among our leaders and members to amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized and underserved.
  • Ensure that our content, imagery and clients represent the faces, voices and interests of a diverse population.
    • UPDATE: In 2022, IDEA’s Marketing Team ensured diversity in all content, imagery and graphics in their campaigns.
        • Marketing continues to monitor email and social media feedback for input to improve diversity and inclusion in their content.
    • UPDATE: IDEA conducted a comprehensive diversity audit of imagery, authors and photographers. Managers reviewed every photo, illustration, post, article, podcast, author, quoted expert and social media post (Instagram) for a 6-month period to understand our baseline. This gives all of us an accountability factor and benchmark to surpass for this semi-annual exercise. Each brand has target goals for future measurement and improvement. 
    • UPDATE: IDEA has built a dynamic list of DEI consultants for editors and content developers to reference and lean into as subject matter experts.
  • Increase accessibility to all company content, event programs and products; and mindfully address justice, equity, diversity and inclusion during development, implementation and delivery.
    • UPDATE: IDEA is working with our DEI committee and staff to develop plans to expand equitable access to IDEA events and membership. In 2021 we granted 100 scholarships for full registration to IDEA World Virtual that were granted to fitness professionals expressing need. In 2022, IDEA extended 45 paid scholarships to attend IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas, the applications were reviewed and recipients selected by members of IDEA’s E&I Committee.

3. Create, Connect and Collaborate in Support of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We will create programs and connect with like-minded organizations to collaborate and support initiatives to increase equitable access to career opportunities and advancement for all people of color, different sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, physical abilities, etc.

  • Allocate IDEA opportunities for, but not limited to, presenting and writing for all marginalized and underrepresented fitness, health and wellness professionals. Actively advertise and engage in outreach to recruit/encourage diverse professional participation through article queries and work-study scholarships to IDEA educational events.
    • UPDATE: In 2022, the events team sought to elevate BIPOC and underrepresented voices, ensuring that BIPOC make up at least 30% of the program presenters at all IDEA events.
    • UPDATE: Actively and inclusively encouraged our advisory committees, and all IDEA members and followers on social media to apply to present, author and nominate themselves or others for the IDEA World Fitness Awards. We selected the panel of judges with diverse representation to ensure we would get a broader perspective for award recipients.
  • Develop initiatives and outreach programs to promote fitness careers and provide resources to underrepresented student populations and aspiring fitness professionals (e.g. high school/college programs, job placement, career skills tools, professional organizations and scholarships).
  • Collaborate with diverse professional groups and allied health professions to increase fitness professional access to their communities.

    • UPDATE:  We have proactively reached out to more groups to support their missions, to find more SMEs and to donate to their organizations.
  • Strengthen our commitments by partnering with IDEA members and organizations who live these ethics in their own businesses and who will help us further these goals.
    • UPDATE: IDEA staff volunteered for Feeding San Diego in December 2022 to assist with socioeconomic needs in our community.
    • UPDATE: Participated in industry wide discussions, panels and podcasts to support conversations and increase visibility to areas our industry can improve.