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Mind-Body Teaching Tips for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers, are you looking for ways to integrate a mind-body-spirit approach into your training sessions? IDEA member and 2004 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Lawrence Biscontini, MA—movement specialist, author and spa consultant—offers the following suggestions, organized to correspond with the acronym N-A-M-A-S-T-E.

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Lifelong Impact From Weight-Bearing Exercise?

Teenagers who participate in weight-bearing activities may have stronger bones later in life, suggests a new study in the January 2009 issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Japanese researchers examined the bone structure of 46 postmenopausal women, who were grouped according to their sport participation levels during the physically formative adolescent years (12-18 years).

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7 Steps to Better Personal Training

Focusing on the following 7 key areas will help you design an effective training program, regardless of whether you are training an athlete or a “regular” person. While the exercises vary and the relative intensity changes depending on the client, the overall philosophy remains the same. Used as a template, this program can be tweaked as needed to match your client’s objectives.

1. Mobility, Activation and Movement Preparation (MAMP)

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One Leg Lift


Seated on ball, tall and lengthened, spine in a neutral position, neither arched nor flattened. Feet flat on the mat, hip-distance apart. Hands behind head with no tension in shoulders or neck.

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