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Archive for July 2015

Eight Key Elements in Quality Youth Development

If you want to coach youth to reach their sports training goals, consider these eight keys to quality youth development, created by educators at the University of Minnesota Extension:

Trainer’s tip: Set boundaries and expectations with both the clients and their parents early on. Be a good role model and create a safe environment.

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How to Thrive Amid Business Competition

When Jack and Jenna Oliver opened Above the Bar, a CrossFit® facility in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 2 years ago, they knew it wouldn’t be an overnight success. However, they didn’t expect the competition to be so fierce. “It rattled us for a few seconds,” Jenna notes, “until we realized that people come to us because they think we have a superior product.”

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Pilates Success: Repetition Is Key

Have clients asked you, “How many times a week should I do Pilates?” You may have answered, “It depends.” Many things factor into the ideal Pilates program, including the client’s fitness level and goals. But one session a week is rarely, if ever, enough.

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Fitness Industry Advice for Personal Trainers

The one piece of advice that has really worked for me is “five a day.” I heard this at a group I joined called the Be Better Project, led by Phil Kaplan. We learned a lot of good information about growing a personal training business. The idea is to talk to five people a day about your business. If you are shy, you could start out with just talking or saying hi to five people a day. Once that feels comfortable, then talk to them about your business. Don’t do a sales pitch; work what you do into the conversation casually.

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Meeting the Wellness Needs of Mothers

As a fitness or wellness professional, you are dedicated to making a difference on this planet. Training clients who are mothers is one of the most life-affirming roles you can have, because your influence and guidance may have a multigenerational impact.

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Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain

In our high-stress, hurried world—filled with financial pressures, information overload, “terror alerts” and sleeplessness—many people feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Add to this emotional tension the physical stress of sedentary lifestyles with long hours spent hunched over computers and, all too often, the result is a serious pain in the neck.

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To Motivate or Terminate?

Your employees directly affect the success of your business. They work with your clients, sell your products and engage in frontline, day-to-day operations. Some employees are a pleasure to manage, and others—well, not so much. Working with an exemplary employee who is productive, independent, motivated and delightful is every manager’s dream. On the flip side, some employees are just bad hires and the decision to let them go is straightforward. Unfortunately, staff management isn’t that black and white.

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The Science of Weight Gain

Fitness professionals expend considerable energy helping people to lose weight, but there’s another way to view this challenge: What are the main factors that cause people to gain weight??

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