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Get Tough With Tubing


By Karen Asp, MA

Get Tough With Tubing


ith so much new equipment emerging all the time, it’s easy to forget about those tried-and-true elastic tubes and bands. But guess what? They are making a strong comeback in group fitness classes. And for a good reason: Used well, they really work! If you review a few principles and get a creative jumpstart, you can rediscover elastic resistanc…

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My Joints Want to Give Up, but I Don’t, Problem Solver

problem solver

My Joints Want to Give Up, but I Don’t

Q: A:

I love teaching fitness and motivating people to move! I especially love teaching energetic cardio classes such as step and high-low impact. But my joints just can’t take heavy stress anymore. The thought of teaching stretch, yoga and other “low-key” classes does not appeal to me. Call me an aging baby boomer who is not ready to hang u…

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Mastering Food Portion Control, Client Handout




Mastering Food Portion Control
n the past decade, the number of overweight adults in the United States has increased from one in four to one in two. While lack of exercise is a big part of the problem, nutritionists believe that another major culprit is poor portion control. A “megameal” mentality has taken hold in restaurants, fast-food spots,…

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