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A New Approach to Nutrition and Obesity Research

People are profoundly tuned in to the fact that obesity and all the chronic disease that goes with it are plaguing much of the world. But, why, with such hyperawareness plus so many research developments on the nutrition and obesity fronts, do we still seem to be getting fatter and sicker?

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Food Focus: The Good Dark Side of Greens!

Gone are the days when your only option was spinach, the
so-called miracle leaf that many were consuming raw and
by the bucket load. Today it’s a whole new, leafy-green world, and a brisk walk through any supermarket produce aisle proves it. Leafy greens are everywhere, and they come in
a variety of textures and flavors that provide opportunity
for everyone to find a favorite.

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Tricks of the Trade

Welcome to the holidays . . . the gift-giving, party-hopping, dessert-eating, over-indulging, stress-evoking frenzy! We all know it. The time from Halloween to New Year’s Day is precarious for health-conscious people and can throw anyone’s health routine out of whack.

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Slashing for Profit

Today, many personal trainers invest their time in several complementary work roles rather than holding a single job. Employment experts call this strategy “slashing,” because people who do it often describe their work roles with slashes in between.

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Thriving After a Stroke

Client: RayPersonal trainer: Julie Lombardo, owner, Sweet Success Personal TrainingLocation: Chino Hills, California

Making the switch. In 2005, now 80-year-old Ray suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that resulted in numbness on the left side of his body. Interested in improving function and fitness, he sought the guidance of physical therapists. Eventually, he was forced to give up treatment because his insurance coverage had reached its maximum.

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Dos and Don’ts for Pilates Instructors

Teaching Pilates, like any fitness discipline, can be challenging—especially for new teachers. After all, there are many aspects of instruction that take time and experience to improve, including motivating students, sequencing exercises and getting clients to follow verbal cues.

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Sample Class: Outdoor Conditioning Drills

If you want to offer a class that helps participants break out of a rut, leave the group fitness studio behind and head outside to a playing field. Scout out a local football, baseball or soccer field and transform it into a training ground. Use the existing field design and the premarked lines (hash marks, yard line markers and goal lines) to create an exciting and dynamic class. Combine speed, agility, power and body-weight strength drills to tap into the inner athlete in everyone.

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Beachbody® and Powder Blue Productions Join Forces

On August 8, home-fitness program creator Beachbody announced a partnership with group exercise certification organization Powder Blue Productions (PBP), founded by IDEA presenter Chalene Johnson. Known for successful programs like P90X® and INSANITY®, Beachbody plans to tap into PBP’s certification expertise to expand Beachbody’s new fitness certification business. PBP has created group exercise offerings like Turbo Kick®, PiYo™ and Hip Hop Hustle™.

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A Tool for Group Fitness Managers

Group fitness managers interested in gaining insights on program management have a new free resource created by IDEA author and presenter Shannon Fable and her Web developer husband John Fable. Called GroupEx PRO, the program aims to “help eliminate the frustration felt by group fitness managers with regard to communication.”

Here are some components of GroupEx PRO:

sub board that assists with requesting and approving subs
scheduler that allows a manager to embed updated schedules directly into a fitness facility website

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Half of U.K. Adults Can’t Run 100 Meters

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games showcased the world’s fastest sprinters. Unfortunately, many of those watching the games are doubtful they could successfully complete one of the Olympic Track & Field’s major events.

According to a survey conducted by Slimming World, a United Kingdom–based weight loss company, and YouGov®, nearly 50% of U.K. adults feel it’s unlikely they could run 100 meters—one of track’s shortest events—without stopping.

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Exercise Reduces Inflammation Long-Term

Inflammation, a protective mechanism designed to heal the body, has also been associated with disease development. Recently, a study discovered an inverse association between inflammation and long-term physical activity.

Published in Circulation (doi: 10.1161/circulationaha.112.103879), the 10-year study followed 4,289 men and women who were approximately 49 years old at the outset. “Self-reported physical activity and inflammatory markers (serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein [CRP] and interleukin-6 [IL-6]) were measured at baseline and follow-up,” the authors explained.

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Spine Stabilization Unrelated to Back Pain?

Back pain is often thought to have an inverse relationship with core strength and stability. To enhance stability, many exercisers will perform spine stabilization exercises in the hope of improving strength and reducing or eliminating low-back pain. A recent study finds fault with this approach.

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Fitness Worker Wages Fall Short, Satisfaction High

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook is bright for “fitness workers.” The agency anticipates growth of about 24% from 2010 to 2020. Despite this outlook, however, a report from US News suggests that things are not 100% rosy when it comes to compensation.

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