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Tax Preparation Tips for Fitness Professionals
Navigating Tax Preparation Season

Editor’s Note: This article is meant only to increase awareness of various aspects of tax laws. These laws are constantly changing, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of…

A Fitness Resolution Revolution
Resolution Revolution!

We’ve heard all the classics:  Lose weight! Get into shape!  Start going to the gym! New year, new you! While New Year’s resolutions are the kindling that spark our clients to reach out to us for help, the professional community has to fan the flames with the right balance of skill, enthusiasm and fun to help clients sustain their inner fire for change.

Look up from lockdown
Look up from Lockdown

The lockdown created a new space to explore, and there’s less good news, good news and great news trending among fitness consumers amid the pandemic roller coaster. Personal trainers, group fitness instructors and fitness entrepreneurs are ready to meet movement-hungry people wherever they are on the path to health, wellness and happiness.