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Exercise/Class Formats

AI/ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness Professionals

50 AI/ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness Professionals

Are you curious about using AI/ChatGPT prompts to inspire your exercise and class design? As a fitness professional, you know that creating personalized programs and classes for your clients is crucial for their success. However, with so many variables to consider, such as individual goals, fitness levels, and limitations, designing effective plans can be time-consuming and challenging. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots like ChatGPT can help you streamline your work and enhance clients’ experiences.

Group photo at 2022 IDEA World Convention

A New Meeting of Mind, Body and Soul

Here’s a peek into that world where the mind can explore new ways of approaching classic formats; where your imagination can stretch along with your body; and where your spirit can soar through pure and powerful inspiration that nourishes the soul.

Billy Blanks Leads a Class at IDEA World

Billy Blanks: A Celebration of Creativity and Character

Billy Blanks was born with an anomaly in his hip joints that left him clumsy and subject to taunts. He found strength—both physically and of character—in karate, and he went on to a successful career as a martial arts champion, bodyguard and movie star. That in itself is a pretty amazing story. But in Blanks’ case, that’s just the preface . . .

Fitness classes for the masses

Fitness Classes for Everyone

Fitness classes abound and it has never been easier for movement-hungry people to find a workout experience that appeals to them.