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Help Group Fitness Participants Get in the Zone

For a moment, think about your own workouts. Tap into that feeling of being completely absorbed in your favorite fitness routine. Everything else fades away, and your entire focus is on the present moment. You feel confident in your body’s abilities, you’re challenging yourself, and you find great meaning in what’s happening now. You’re in the zone. Before you know it, your workout is over, and you can’t wait to do it again.

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Cardiovascular Fitness for Women

Two women improving their cardiovascular fitness by walking briskly with hand weights.

Cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in women, is a class of diseases involving the heart and blood vessels. Learn about this disease, its associated risk factors and the pertinent research developments; then consider the practical training guidelines for clients.

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Meet an IDEA Team Member!


Why Inspired Service matters, in Marco’s words: “One day I got a call from someone who had just lost her husband and was completely lost in life and looking to venture into a new career in fitness. Within a year she became an IDEA member, got NASM certified and attended the IDEA® World Convention. When I met her at World, she was glowing with happiness. Just seeing how we transformed her outlook on life was amazing!”

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Fitness Journal Reimagined

For fitness pros to stay relevant, change is a critical catalyst.

The same holds true in magazine publishing and content development. Every few years, editors and creative directors must shake things up to re-engage the reader’s attention.

In our September print issue, we phased in the first of a three-step redesign; with the November-December print issue, we find ourselves in the thick of our remodel. So please excuse our dust and ignore the jackhammering! By January, we will have completed construction.

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The Renal System

When the body’s systems are running smoothly, we’re a walking, talking cellular symphony. When something goes “off note,” we become more cognizant of how vital interconnections affect our functionality. More commonly, though, we take the actions of some body parts for granted. Consider, for example, the renal, or urinary, system.

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Health News: True or False?

Reviewing health and fitness news on the internet can produce a minefield of misinformation. Anybody can open a social media account, build a polished website with DIY templates, and set up shop as a self-appointed health and fitness expert. And people who do this can lend their work an air of authority by mimicking the design and presentation of authoritative health-news sources.

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Balance and Stability

Balance, which is essential for integrated movement, declines as we age. However, you can teach group fitness students how to maintain balance while also taking them through some fun, creative core exercises. Having a strong trunk and hip complex helps us maintain balance for years to come. In your next class, incorporate these multiplanar exercises targeting the core musculature and the gluteals. Each move is done in a standing position, and equipment is optional. Encourage attendees who struggle with balance to perform these exercises against a wall or while holding onto a barre.

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Kickboxing Safety: Back to Basics

Kickboxing class with a woman in the foreground ready to perform an uppercut.

Kickboxing classes may not be as popular today as they were in the late 1990s, but people still love to hone their skills with this effective cross-training option. Whether you’ve been teaching for several years or you’re just getting started, it’s always a good idea to review the foundational concepts that make up this total-body workout.

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The Confidence-First Approach to Weight Loss

Benefiting from family ties. When 20-year-old Erick first met Ethan Kopsch, NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Bird Rock Fit in La Jolla, California, Erick was less than eager to start a training program. Kopsch had been training Erick’s mom for some time, and she was so pleased with her progress that she encouraged Erick and her daughter, Michelle, to work with the trainer.

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Question of the Month

dietary apps or food trackers to your clients?

Please share what apps you’re working with, whether you prefer one app or device to another, and any successes you’ve had with clients.

We want to hear from you! Email executive editor Joy Keller, [email protected].

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Integrated Wellness Programs Create Fitness Opportunities

With 28% of employers offering workplace fitness competitions and challenges, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2017 Employee Benefits report, corporate wellness programs continue to supply good news for fitness professionals.

Employers are encouraging people to be more active because research has shown that sitting for long periods of time is associated with negative health outcomes like obesity, heart disease and an increased risk of earlier death.

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People Are Talking About . . .

. . . how more doctors are writing park prescriptions or urging
participation in “Park Rx” programs to encourage physical activity and promote outdoor recreation in public lands;
. . . Halotherapy, a form of dry salt therapy that involves sitting clothed in an enclosed room and breathing salt air for detox and recovery;
. . . the rise in biohacking, a session in a cryotherapy chamber (with freezing temperatures), followed by lounging in an infrared sauna.

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