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Group fitness class to show specialty certificates
Specialty Certificates

Group fitness instructors share insight about choosing specialty certificates in group exercise and trends to look for.

Trainer packing fitness class essentials
Class Essentials

What “go-to” items and class essentials do you keep in your backpack or duffle bag? What’s in your professional instructor “kit” and why?

Kenyan runner
Lessons From Kenyan Runners

To get faster and chase their dreams, Kenyan runners have specific training habits which can benefit your fitness business and career.

Adult learner in class
How to Be a Better Adult Learner

Overcoming the discomfort of something new as an adult learner will make you a more competent instructor and advance your career.

Pandemic teaching with fit pro
Evolution in Pandemic Teaching

Fit pros share how pandemic teaching changed their approach through embracing virtual classes and learning new skills.

Billy Blanks Leads a Class at IDEA World
Billy Blanks: A Celebration of Creativity and Character

Billy Blanks was born with an anomaly in his hip joints that left him clumsy and subject to taunts. He found strength—both physically and of character—in karate, and he went on to a successful career as a martial arts champion, bodyguard and movie star. That in itself is a pretty amazing story. But in Blanks’ case, that’s just the preface . . .

Fitness instructor
5 Traits of the Best Fitness Instructor

As a group fitness manager, you may already know who your best fitness instructors are. However, you’re lucky if you see your instructors once a week, especially these days, and there’s probably no way to monitor every action. If you try to boil the contribution down to numbers, you might create a team focused less on winning and more on trying to impress you. It’s time to change the score card and think more broadly about what you value in employees.

Debt Know Your Numbers
Debt: Know Your Numbers

Debt is a common by-product of fitness entrepreneurship, but it doesn’t have to be a jail sentence. What if you walked into your facility tomorrow and everything was paid off?…

Fitness class
Creating a Fitness Class Family

As group exercise instructors, we can get wrapped up in creating
choreography, choosing music, cuing effectively and teaching proper
technique. While all these aspects are important, we sometimes lose
sight of the overall picture and miss the opportunity to connect with

Fitness classes for the masses
Fitness Classes for Everyone

Fitness classes abound and it has never been easier for movement-hungry people to find a workout experience that appeals to them.