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Archive for February 2003

Golfing After Total Hip Replacement



By Catherine Fiscella, MS

Golfing After Total Hip Replacement
Understanding this surgery and how to tailor a postrehab training program for it will prepare you and your active client for success.


ach year, more than 850,000 total hip replacements are performed worldwide. The number continues to grow, and the patient population continues to diversify. According to the American Ac…

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Know Your Market Niche

Since the mid-1990s, the fitness industry has been readying itself for a rising tide of older adults. Fitness professionals have grown with this nich market, trying to anticipate its needs and learning on a daily basis which direction to take. While we don’t have all the answers to what the best modifications are, what the proper marketing plan is or whatever even whether to call these clients “seniors” or “older adults” (or both), we do know there is a need for specialized fitness services.

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Is There a Longevity Secret?

Explorers once searched for the fountain of youth, and old legends tell of magic potions that keep
people young. The ancient questions—Why do people grow old? How can we live longer?—still
fascinate people, including the
scientists who study aging (gerontologists). But their most important question is this: How can people stay healthy and independent as they grow older?

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Choosing Age-Appropriate Exercise Equipment

Aging is something that happens to all of us, whether we want it to or not. It brings with it life’s experiences and challenges. One such challenge, a decline in functional abilities, is due in large part to a decreased fitness level. Thanks to a mound of scientific evidence that would make believers of even the most skeptical among us, we now know that most of this decline can be prevented, reversed or delayed through exercise.

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Focus on Core Conditioning

It has been only 2 years since IDEA began tracking the popularity of core conditioning classes versus conventional abdominals classes on our annual Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey. In that short time span, the number of fitness facilities offering core conditioning jumped from 61 percent in 2001 to 72 percent in 2002 (see the October 2002 issue of IDEA Fitness Manager). With the recent proliferation of new core equipment, including items like the Reebok Core Board and the BOSU Balance Trainer, core conditioning is proving as popular as fitness-based yoga and Pilates.

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How the Income Flows

Personal training is a popular activity because it helps clients achieve their goals. Although a new membership package may include several personal training sessions, over time the client pays extra for personal training. Often, businesses split the fee with the trainer.

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Targeting Yoga to Special Populations

It wasn’t that long ago that only the most cutting-edge health clubs offered yoga classes. Now, programming schedules are rife with yoga offerings for people at all fitness levels. Even in the more conservative regions of the United States, yoga has become the number-one fitness trend, according to program directors polled for the 2002 IDEA Group Fitness Trendwatch.

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Helping Seniors Cope With Illness and Loss

Working with a group of seniors offers many unique challenges and innumerable rewards. Designing a safe, appropriate and enjoyable program for this special population takes specific training, experience and planning that go beyond the physical aspects of the workout. Seniors face losses of many kinds and are often dealing with emotional issues that require your involvement. It is quite common, for example, to have a class member who is caring for an ailing spouse or grieving over the recent death of a loved one.

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Hop on the Express

Fitness participants’ needs are constantly changing and often reflect current trends. Both exercisers and nonexercisers face a similar challenge—finding enough time to exercise regularly or participate in the wide variety of activities available. Many program directors have already recognized the need for shorter fitness classes and are now offering them. Classes that focus on specific body parts provide a popular and profitable way to reach time-crunched participants.

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Exercise Progressions for Seniors

While I loved him dearly, I remember my grandfather as a very pessimistic man. He would regularly tell me that getting old inevitably led to the body breaking down, one thing failing after another, until you finally died. In his view, getting old was unchangeable.

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Nutrition for Active Seniors

re you an older adult who exercises? Do you wonder if your diet is helping or hindering your workouts? Here are some nutrition tips from Jenna Bell-Wilson, MS, RD, LD, the media representative for the New Mexico Dietetic Association and a doctoral student in exercise physiology at the University of New Mexico.

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Ankle Flexion and Extension

Because the ground constantly has variables, human feet need to adapt to their interface with it immediately on contact. In normal function and anatomical position, the ankle joint has extension (dorsiflexion) and flexion (plantar flexion). All other movements in the ankle region are created by the foot’s dynamic joint structure. The ankle is composed of…

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Study of Youths Shows Health and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

To Be Healthy…Be FitSMM survey of more than 7,600 U.S. schoolchildren ages nine to 16 revealed some sobering trends. It showed that children eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables less than half of the time and that a fourth of them do not floss their teeth at all. A third of the students surveyed…

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