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Virtual Training, Social Media & Engagement

The Instructor-or-Influencer Challenge: Social Media and Fitness Instructors

By Shannon Fable | February 19, 2019 |

Exceptional group fitness instructors are influential. But is their influence an outcome of great instruction or its origin? When group fitness pros apply for a job, practical teaching skills and knowledge of exercise and movement top the list of “must-haves,” so what about social media influence? Is it relevant? It’s becoming more commonplace to judge group fitness candidates on their social media presence, but should this be the case?

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Pros and Cons of Virtual Fitness Classes

By Terry Ferebee Eckmann, PhD | June 24, 2016 |

Technology is rapidly changing how the fitness industry delivers services. In addition to wearables, apps and countless other options, technology offers—at the touch of a screen—almost any type of prescheduled or on-demand group exercise class at any venue that has Wi-Fi. This is

virtual fitness,

exercise programming that is carried out, accessed or stored by means of a computer, especially over a network.

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