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2022 Personal Trainer Institute

The Synergy of Togetherness

By Judy Minich | December 1, 2021

We’ve all had to pivot these last 2 years—and not just while leading clients through multiple planes of motion). We’ve also learned that virtual training can add valuable dimensions to our offerings. But let’s face it: Being together in one place is something special. There is synergy that happens when a group of dedicated fit…

Debt Know Your Numbers

Debt: Know Your Numbers

By Brent Gallagher, MSS | December 1, 2021

Debt is a common by-product of fitness entrepreneurship, but it doesn’t have to be a jail sentence. What if you walked into your facility tomorrow and everything was paid off? What if there were no weight equipment or treadmill payments due; no payments due for a rubber floor or a state-of-the-art sound system; and no…

Hip Hook

The Real Deal Behind the Hip Hook

By ... | November 30, 2021

“The Hip Hook is the first and only muscle release tool for both the psoas and iliacus muscles—the primary hip flexors. You can’t relax one without relaxing the other,” explains Koth.

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