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Are You a Healthy Manager?

  • What kind of message are you sending members if you’re constantly running around solving crises at your club, or if you’re always maximally stressed with the day-to-day operation concerns?
  • Do you think these clients admire you?
  • Do you think that’s an acceptable example for a fitness practitioner to set?idea fitness manager/january 2002 fitness manager

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Are You Ready to Exercise?

Studies have shown that seven out of 10 people who start an exercise program drop out within a few months. One problem is that most people jump into exercise without doing any planning up front. They’re just not prepared for the commitment involved. Are you ready to make exercise part of your lifestyle?

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Fitness Programming Equipment Trends

Strategically developing your fitness business is like planning a garden. A gardener has many elements to consider—location, climate, space—and the elements can go together different ways. There are as many “right” ways to put together fitness programs and equipment as there are garden styles. And like a gardener, you have the opportunity to change things around every year.

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