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Archive for February 2007

Even Modest Weight Loss Helps Knee Pain

Do you have an overweight client who also has knee osteoarthritis? Here’s a bit of encouraging news that might bolster your efforts to help him lose weight and keep it off. According to research presented in November at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC, “very attainable” weight loss goals are enough to reduce pain.

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Creative Classes That Spark Inspiration

To help its members unwind during the 2006 holiday season, Neighborhood Pilates NYC introduced DeStress December. According to IDEA member Lauren Rosenfeld, the class taught basic breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition, participants learned how to use aromatherapy, music and visualization to help calm themselves and center their bodies.
On a s…

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Survey Results Highlight Fitness Forecast

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently announced its top fitness trend predictions for 2007. According to ACE, 2007 will
bring programming to special
populations, offer alternative
and low-cost fitness options
and provide the “very best in
personal training.”
Additional highlights include
the following:
expanded specialized
fitness progr…

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Big Apple Bans Trans Fats in Restaurants

The New York City Board
of Health recently adopted the country’s first major
municipal ban on the use
of artificial trans fats in
city restaurants, a move
applauded by health experts and denounced by restaurant owners. Other cities, including Chicago, are considering a similar ban.
City restaurants in the Big Apple have until July 1 of this year to eliminate the artific…

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Dance Fitness: Delightful and in Demand

Have you seen an increase in demand for dance-based group fitness
formats? Popular television programs like Dancing With the Stars have piqued the interests of many wanna-be dancers. Polly de Mille, exercise
physiologist for the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, thinks she knows why.
“The best exercise program is …

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Where There’s a WILL … There’s a Way!

You hope to die after a long life, all your affairs in order. Unfortunately that’s not always what happens—and the result can be a mess for heirs. Ensure that your estate and loved ones are protected with a valid will. Discover why you need to have a will, how to craft one that serves you well and common mistakes to avoid.

Why a Will Is a Mu…

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Co-Owning Questions

If you’re thinking about going into business with a friend, you might want to heed some advice from the National Federation of Independent Business. Before you let your best buddy be your business partner, make sure your goals and commitment levels match up. Here are some questions to ask before you take the plunge with your pal:

What is your dream job?
A s…

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Motion and Emotion

“Michelle” was completing a movement on a Gyrotonic® tower, supervised one-on-one by her instructor. The exercise involved arching her upper back and shoulders. As Michelle finished the motion, she sat up and began to cry. Startled, her trainer first checked for injury; then, sure that Michelle was not hurt, the trainer stopped the session and took her into a ba…

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Spring-Clean Your Career!

Do you train or teach at different locations and find that one always drains you? Do you work long hours or during time frames that don’t provide enough reward for the effort? Have you wanted to make career changes but been scared to do so?
It may be time for a spring-cleaning. Just as spring-cleaning your house means getting rid of dirt and clutter, spring-cleaning your car…

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Central Moves

The core holds the body in alignment and allows the extremities to move in a more efficient and effective manner. Pilates helps increase core strength and stabilization by creating simultaneous demands for strength and flexibility. The result:
enhanced movement quality. The body moves the way it was designed to move. The following exercises move progressively from one movement pattern t…

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Decisions, Decisions!

The job title “group exercise director” is becoming more clearly defined as facilities recognize the value in having a strong leader for their programs. Owners and managers know that without a focused principal who is passionate about group exercise, there may be little growth, organization or direction. The instructor team may lack cohesion and accountability. The importance …

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The Biomechanics Sales Approach

Recent statistics show that 41.3 million Americans belong to health clubs (IHRSA 2005). If you are a personal fitness trainer (PFT) who works at a fitness facility, you don’t need to go outside the facility’s doors to sell your services. A large potential market is already in the gym, so you just have to figure out how to approach the people right in front of you. The key is t…

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Supermarket Self-Checkout Survey

A growing number of shoppers are apparently making use of the new self-checkout
option at their local grocery stores. Do-it-yourself cash registers are becoming so
popular that they racked up an estimated $110.9 billion in sales in 2005, a 35%
increase from the year before, according to a study conducted by an industry
consulting group. That same study found that women who used the s…

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Take Two a Day?

Do you have a client who’s having trouble fitting exercise into her daily routine? Does she claim she doesn’t have enough time to work out continuously for 30 minutes or more at a time? According to
a study published in the February 2006 issue of the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (2006; 20 [1], 130&nda…

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Maximize Productivity During Off-Peak Hours

Many fitness facility managers share a dilemma: what to do with staff during slow times. We want to keep our people motivated and therefore feeling effective and important to the business; we certainly don’t want them to be bored and just passing time; and we absolutely need to maximize staff contributions for efficiency in our facilities.

Unfortunately, traffic at every fitne…

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Food Allergies Challenge Kids & Families

Anyone who has a child who suffers from a food allergy knows just how difficult it can be to dine out or attend a birthday party. Even cookies-and-milk time
at school can become a minefield for kids who are sensitive to foods like peanuts or walnuts. Parents can quickly become overwhelmed when they must be constantly vigilant about what their kids eat both at home and at school.

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The Buzz About Branding

Branding. It’s one of today’s hot business buzzwords and often attached to wonder companies like Starbucks, Apple and Nike. But branding isn’t just for the megacompanies. In an increasingly competitive world, branding is equally important to small companies and even individuals in business. In fact, creating and carrying out a great brand is often easier for a small comp…

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Quick & Zesty Italian Chicken Feast

This tasty but simple meal can be churned out in less than 30 minutes. Top it over a serving of whole-wheat pasta for a complete dinner that’s ready in no time!

Ingredients for Chicken:

4 tablespoons (tbs)
all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon (tsp) dried Italian seasoning
1/4 tsp black peppe…

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Get a Wealth of Minerals

Most clients are aware that they should be getting enough vitamins in the food they select each day. Minerals, the bastard child of vitamins, tend to get
less attention.
Yet studies have shown that most people get less than the recommended daily amounts of vital minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium. The recommended daily intake for calcium is 1,000 milligrams (m…

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Here’s a taste of what’s cooking in the world of nutrition:
People who ascribe to a
calorie-restricted food plan are touting the merits of Quorn,
a patented and concentrated form of protein that is extremely low in calories; this wonder morsel is grown in fermentation tanks from a cultured strain of
a soil mold and can be used in place of soy products as…

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