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Irrational Beliefs in Athletes
Athletes and Irrational Beliefs

Many competitive athletes hold irrational beliefs and self-judgmental thoughts that lower self-confidence and increase competitive anxiety.

Runner jump roping outside
Jump Roping for Runners

Attention avid runners who are game for something different: Consider adding jump roping to your weekly routine!

Two female athletes showing grit in sports training
Grit in Sports Training

Sports participation is linked with developing life skills that may improve success and build resilience, known as “grit” in sports training.

Woman performing Pilates training on a reformer.
Pilates Training Is a Game-Changer

Strong evidence shows that Pilates training is an effective conditioning method for healthy individuals, particularly those wanting to increase core stability. Furthermore, Pilates can be a game-changer for athletes. Benefits…

Women's sports injuries
Women’s Sports Injuries

To address the gender gap in sports rehab, researchers created an overview of common women’s sports injuries and guidelines for rehab.

Basketball players with game intelligence
What Is Game Intelligence?

Psychological attributes and “game intelligence” are the most important factors if an athlete wants to excel.

Youth soccer
The Best Youth Soccer Warmup

When determining what kind of warmup is best for the youth soccer teams you coach, take a cue from recent research.

Graphic of heart rhythms to show atrial fibrillation
Atrial Fibrillation in Athletes

For athletes, the risk of experiencing irregular heart rhythms, known as atrial fibrillation, is 2.5 times higher than it is for nonathletes.

Man listening to music for running performance
Music for Running Performance

On days when mental energy is low, the benefits of music for running can help by lifting performance back to normal levels.