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How is Inflation Impacting Fitness?

Wellness workout

How is inflation impacting your clients’ fitness and wellness budgets? Are people tightening their belts not because they’ve lost weight, but because they have fewer dollars to spend at the gym? A survey asked these questions and more to find out how Americans are budgeting for their self-care. Inflation and Fitness In April, 2022, StyleSeat,…

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Benefits of Working in Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness

Working in corporate fitness offers surprising benefits that you may not have considered and that, consequently, may sway the decision-making process based on personal and professional needs and preferences. Consider the following perks of working in corporate fitness, along with the skills mentioned above and in the previous article, when deciding whether or not this…

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IDEA® World Convention Ready to Reunite the Fitness Industry

IDEA World Convention

SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2022 – Fitness professionals are ready to reset and create a new path forward for millions of people who need help connecting to health. As the world continues to find its balance in a transformed wellness landscape, IDEA® World Convention returns to live, in-person education at the Las Vegas Convention Center,…

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Using Behavior Change Apps

Behavior Change Apps

To understand how apps support behavior change and how well-qualified fitness and wellness professionals may use them to further their clients’ goals, it’s important to embrace the fundamental truth that Pascal observed.

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Water Walking Works

Person water walking

Len Kravitz, PhD, professor of exercise science, shares two studies that support the decision to add water walking to your fitness routine.

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