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Archive for January 2000

How to Attract Deconditioned and Aging Populations, Problem Solver

“My goal this year really is to focus on teaching classes that attract deconditioned and aging populations. However, I am stuck on what to call such classes—how to strike that tricky balance between identifying my market and not alienating anyone. How much do deconditioned and 50-plus exercisers want to be separated and labeled? Also, how different should the exercise content be from the content of mainstream beginning and intermediate classes?”

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Step: Guidelines & Safety Benchmarks

As fitness leaders, we desire to be creative, motivating and fresh. However, we must balance this creative drive with our responsibility to teach safe classes. To achieve a successful balance, we must not only increase our knowledge, but also apply this knowledge. We can minimize risk and maximize continued participation by applying common sense and…

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Using Ethics to Resolve Teaching Dilemmas

As the new millennium begins to take shape, philosophers and ethicists are again posing questions that have dogged humankind for centuries. What is right? What is good and true? When do we have the right to make decisions for other people? How can we use our reason and intuition to be the best we can be; to contribute to the new epoch?

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Vegetarianism and the Athlete

It decreases the risk of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer (American Dietetic Association [ADA] 1997). No, it isn’t the latest pharmaceutical wonder or a breakthrough supplement being hawked on late-night infomercials. You may be surprised to learn that this mystery elixir is actually a vegetarian diet!

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Brand-new or laden with experience, group fitness instructors all around the globe face a common challenge: creating fresh choreography. This need may be fueled by our personal expectations and preferences or the sense that our participants are ready to move on. Regardless, we strive for something exciting that will inspire us, motivate them and add…

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