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IDEA Health & Fitness Association: 40 Years of Wellness

IDEA’s path has been leading-edge, storied and full of heart. We grew from a fledgling association and a small annual gathering of fitness professionals into a respected industry leader, continuing education provider and imagineer of the impressive IDEA® World Convention. IDEA has come to this exact moment in time as a sum of all the parts, moments, people…

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Purposeful Fitness Education Enters a New Era

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

There are more ways to exercise than ever before, but there’s also more information to sift through, which can be confusing for both personal trainers and their clients. This is why it’s so important to keep education standards as high as possible, which IDEA Health & Fitness Association excels at, in part with an annual event that helps personal trainers succeed in a crowded field.  

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American Heart Month

heart art

February is American Heart Month, which gives you a great reason to engage both clients and staff on a number of cardiovascular health topics. Why not consider the following?  Did you see the American Heart Association collaborated with a panel of dietitians, nutrition researchers and physicians to provide tips for heart health nutrition in its…

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