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Editor’s Letters

Friday Super Sets

Welcome to the first edition of “Friday Super Sets.” I’ll be dropping in at the end of each week to get better acquainted with you and other IDEA Members, and to share notes and links regarding content you may have missed during your busy week. Each edition will be chock-full of information and links that I believe you’ll enjoy.

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Nourishment for All Seasons

As we enter the most foodcentric season of all, we hope the features section in this issue sparks new perspective on two fascinating nutrition topics: how the pandemic has changed the ways people eat and how to differentiate among food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

2021 IDEA World Virtual

Is Fitness Essential?

Fitness professionals know how essential fitness is, but during the pandemic, the legal interpretation of “essential” vastly differed.

Personal Trainer Institute 2021

Better Days Ahead

Despite the tragedy of human loss and the damage wrought on our businesses, the fitness industry continues to find new ways to build our business models.

IDEA Website and Member Perks

Hello, New Website and Member Perks!

A primary reason fitness professionals are drawn to IDEA is for our gold-standard educational content. IDEAfit.com is constantly abuzz with pros researching the latest evidence-based and most practical health, exercise, nutrition, behavior change and business information available in the trade. Members share their best practices and advice within IDEA Answers and strengthen their body of knowledge by accessing the dynamic news unfolding on the site daily.

Resolution Revolution: Train Happy!

Until a couple of years ago I was still attacking my workouts with the same intensity I did when I was a young competitor with lofty goals and dreams of athletic greatness. Eventually, I found myself dreading sessions and feeling burned out. There was no point in hating my workouts, I decided, and I vowed to let go of the negativity. Though I still craved movement, I was doing it for the wrong reasons—or I really didn’t have a good reason—and it was affecting the outcome of my hours in the gym.

Amplifying Your IDEA Membership Benefits

It’s part of IDEA’s DNA to keep evaluating our membership model and look for new and relevant ways to increase the value of our offerings to you. This drive for excellence is the holy grail of our Inspired Service deliverables as we strive to help you be the smartest and most successful fitness professional you can be. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to tell you about a few new initiatives that our team has just launched or that are on the cusp of release.

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