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IDEA Health & Fitness Association IDEA Code of Ethics: Owners and Managers

Ethical Practice Guidelines for Owners and Managers

1. Always be guided by the best
interests of the client.

Remember that the primary responsibility of a fitness business owner or manager is to the client’s safety, health and welfare; never compromise this responsibility.
Recruit, hire, train and offer continuing education opportunities for staff with the aim of providing programs and services of the highest quality.
Incorporate new research and trends into all programming.

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IDEA Health & Fitness Association IDEA Code of Ethics: Personal Trainers

Ethical Practice Guidelines for Personal Trainers

1. Always be guided by the
best interests of the client.

Remember that a personal trainer’s primary responsibility is to the client’s safety, health and welfare; never compromise this responsibility for your own self-interest, personal advantage or monetary gain.
Recommend products or services only if they will benefit the client’s health and well-being, not because they will benefit you financially or occupationally.

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IDEA Health & Fitness Association IDEA Code of Ethics: Group Fitness Instructors

Ethical Practice Guidelines for Group Fitness Instructors

Always be guided by the best interests of the group, while acknowledging individuals.

Remember that a group fitness instructor’s primary obligation is to the group as a whole, taking class level and class description into account.
Strive to provide options and realistic goals that take individual variations into account.
Offer modifications for all levels of fitness and experience (i.e., demonstrate easy and more challenging options).

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Getting Away From Fast Food

There’s a common misconception that fast food costs less than food prepared at home. That’s partly because of massive corporate marketing budgets and campaigns from food companies that influence our thinking. Actually, cooking food at home costs less per person than the typical $5.00–$7.00 fast-food “value” meal.

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Promoting His Professionalism

After serving in the United States Army as a medical specialist, Stephen Landrum transitioned to the civilian world of personal training. As owner, manager and personal trainer of Hard Corps in East Ridge, Tennessee, he uses his experience working with a wide variety of people in the army to serve his clients better. “The most important thing that I learned then, and have continued to prove since, is that no one is beyond help,” he says.

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IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ Fun and Educational for All

Thanks so much for the opportunity to volunteer at this IDEA fitness conference! I had a really great time both assisting and attending the sessions. Your staff and volunteers were great to work with, the presenters were informative and personable and the schedule was well done. I’d definitely rate the whole weekend as excellent! Chrissy…

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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Happy Hour (Mind-Body) is one of several “Happy Hour” options offered at the James Madison University Recreation Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This class offers “a different spin to mind-body classes each week,” selecting from several styles and formats, including yoga, Pilates, yoga-Pilates fusion and meditation. All fitness levels are welcome. Members at Gearhart Workout in…

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Sample Class: Think With Your Heart

Cardiovascular exercise comes in two flavors: mindless and mindful. Why not layer cognitive tasks into your class design to train the brain as well as the body? Research shows that cardio exercise can help ward off cognitive impairments, develop the ability to coordinate multiple things, increase the ability to stay on task for extended periods…

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True Core Integration

The definition of core work varies from format to format and means different things to different people. My own perspective has evolved over 28 years of yoga, running, dancing, Pilates, shiatsu massage, cadaver dissection and opera singing. Of all the core muscles, the respiratory diaphragm seems to be the most underutilized.

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A Magical, Musical Bike Tour

Up until the late 1990s, cardio workouts shared a similar vibe: shiny, Lycra®-clad bodies stepped, kicked and punched to high-energy dance music. Music was motivational but often generic. Cuing techniques mostly involved giving students notice that a new 8-count foot pattern was coming up. Indoor cycling changed everything. Even before yoga became mainstream, cycling classes…

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Boost Revenue: The 10-Day Fitness Program

People often talk about how it takes 21 days to start a habit. But did you know that it takes just 10 days to drive new revenue and raving fans into your business? Creating simple, replicable 10-day group programs can be a moneymaker in any fitness business. Learn how to execute this format from takeoff…

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2012 IDEA World Fitness Award Finalists

IDEA members everywhere go the distance to help their clients grow in mind, body and spirit. The IDEA World Fitness Awards put the spotlight on fitness pros who go above and beyond, year after year, to significantly impact their clients, their communities and the fitness industry. Please join us in honoring the accomplishments of all the finalists for 2012 IDEA Program Director of the Year, IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year. Look for an announcement of the award recipients in the July–August issue of IDEA Fitness Journal.

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Teenage Overweight and Obesity

In another study published in the February 20 issue of the Medical Journal of Australia (2012; 196 [3], 189–92), researchers explored the prevalence of overweight and obesity among students aged 12–17. They also wanted to understand factors associated with carrying the extra weight.

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Pregnancy Outcomes Among Obese and Overweight Women

In a study published in the February 20 issue of the Medical Journal of Australia (2012; 196 [3], 184–88), researchers looked at pregnancy outcomes among obese and overweight women.

The scientists analyzed data from 75,432 women who gave birth at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane, Queens­land, between January 1998 and December 2009. Approximately 32.7% of the women were classified as overweight or obese. The researchers noticed that women with higher body mass indexes (BMIs)—and their children—tended to have more health-related issues than those with “normal” BMIs.

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The Happiness Factor

Do you know how happy your clients are? And are they happy to see you? As the old joke goes, “Some people cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” But seriously, in which category would your clients put you? As it turns out, happiness is no laughing matter. Your clients’ health and longevity—not…

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Organize Your Mind for Client Success

Imagine your ideal day: You deliver multiple private or group sessions, bringing to each one a positive, intense and undistracted focus; with clients, you are actively and creatively engaged in meeting their needs as they evolve moment to moment. Your sessions are interspersed with mental and physical breaks just at the right times; you snack…

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