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Adult learner in class
How to Be a Better Adult Learner

Overcoming the discomfort of something new as an adult learner will make you a more competent instructor and advance your career.

People building community in fitness class
Building Community

How has building community impacted your experience with participants? What advice would you share with other instructors?

Pandemic teaching with fit pro
Evolution in Pandemic Teaching

Fit pros share how pandemic teaching changed their approach through embracing virtual classes and learning new skills.

Group exercise class workout out to music playlists
Group Exercise Music Playlists

Group fitness instructors share their experience and tips creating music playlist that appeal to as many as possible.

Woman in white workout clothes looking out of a window with her back to the camera
How to Help Someone Who Is Grieving

Sooner or later, most of us lose someone we care about, and since the start of the pandemic, loss has visited more of us than ever. The pain can be…

Outdoor training
Safety Tips for Outdoor Group Exercise

The following tips from the San Francisco Department of Public Health will help fitness professionals take training outside to promote health and safety.

Group fitness instructor self-care
Prevent Injuries for Longevity and Fun

Like many instructors, you may feel as though you’re expected to do it all and be all things to all people. However, you also need to ensure that you are sustaining your own physical and mental health. How do you keep your standards high and your teaching schedule full while also remaining healthy and injury-free? Read on to find out how three avid veteran instructors achieve balance. Their experiences and advice model best self-care practices for a long and successful career.

Strong Starts

The warmup. Is it simply a time for small talk while people trickle in, or is it an opportunity to ignite attendees’ best efforts? This may be the class section that fitness instructors plan the least, yet devoting some time to designing the warmup is really worthwhile. Why? Because starting on a strong note significantly affects the outcome of the entire workout. We want our participants to get the most from our classes, so let’s set them up for success.