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Member Spotlights

May 2020 IDEA Member Spotlight

By ... | May 1, 2020 |

Not many fit pros quote a witch for inspiration, but Sue Singer knows that Glinda (the Good Witch of the South) had it right when she told her “client” (Dorothy Gale, of course), “You’ve always had the power, my dear; you just had to learn it for yourself.”

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March 2020 IDEA Member Spotlight

By IDEA Editorial Staff | March 11, 2020 |

“There is no other experience like attending IDEA® World,” says Elizabeth Lenart. “I remember the first World I ever attended. It was like Christmas morning created just for fitness lovers! The presenters made us all feel special. They uplifted me at a time when I needed it most. That’s when I decided I needed to find a way to pay it forward.”

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Member spotlight

IDEA Member Spotlight: January 2020

By IDEA Editorial Staff | December 18, 2019 |

Michael Taylor Member Since 2010  ::  Los Angeles “I am a Jedi,” says Michael Taylor, with a smile. And once you know him, the idea isn’t at all far-fetched. Taylor harnesses the power of a positive attitude to help his clients succeed. Through his personal training business, he has “the opportunity to help people get…

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IDEA Member Spotlight: September 2019

By IDEA Authors | August 20, 2019 |

Susanna Gayedon
Member Since 2008 • Los Angeles

In 1979, Susanna Gayedon, inspired by a kinesiology class—and the movie Flashdance—became a fitness instructor. But she was no flash in the pan, going on to earn her AFAA certification, become registered with Yoga Alliance and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of clients as both a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.

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