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Archive for November 2009

A Fee-Based Program Primer

In the world of wellness and fitness programming, the days of all-inclusive services and programs are numbered. Thanks to the recession, fee-based programming has become increasingly valuable. Our industry has encountered the same financial challenges as other industries, and fee-based programming is part of our new reality.

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The Special Time Slot

Thousands of people with health conditions or chronic diseases do not know where to find exercise programs that meet their specific needs. Designing specialty programs for individuals with particular medical conditions is a potentially rewarding niche for both your members and your business. Your fitness facility has the opportunity to increase ancillary profits considerably through specialized programming.

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Yoga Fundamentals: Pose by Pose

When teaching yoga, what are the fundamental, or central, themes to focus on, and among the numerous poses, which are the most important ones for your students to practice? In yoga, the following themes are essential:

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Creating Internships for Personal Trainers

Internship programs provide supervised practical experience for people wanting to gain hands-on knowledge in a specific area of the health and fitness industry. Designing and running your own internship program can be a rewarding experience for both you and your students.

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Balance Training for Seniors

One of the most challenging issues that affect older adults is instability and loss of balance. Improving balance is vital for improving the quality of this population’s workouts. Recognizing and enhancing the various components of balance provides the greatest chance for success.

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Functional Training Defined

Movement may be the most unifying language in the world. And yet, while spoken languages—English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.—have principles and rules that form and guide their respective semantic systems, the language of movement has not been categorized in this way . . . until now! The Gray Institute has taken upon itself the task of creating “functional nomenclature” that can accurately define and describe all movement.

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