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Self Care

Core Yoga Slow-Flow Sequence

Mindful movement practices like yoga and Pilates allow you to incorporate flexibility, core work and body awareness into your current client programming. Core yoga is a practice that blends the precision, control and core-strengthening benefits of Pilates with the mindful and meditative benefits of yoga.

Try this core yoga slow-flow sequence and share it with your clients!

Take More Steps to Ward Off Sickness

Good news for regular exercisers: The more active you are, the less likely you are to get sick. At least that’s according to data compiled by Jawbone®, a manufacturer of wearable tracking devices.

The company wanted to determine a person’s likelihood of becoming sick, so it compiled a variety of self-reported data pulled from the Jawbone UP app. Based on that information, data analysts developed a sickness likelihood score. Here’s a rundown of what Jawbone learned:

A Break From Intensity

There’s no denying the growth and popularity of high-intensity interval training. HIIT classes— which also ride on the coattails of CrossFit®—sometimes use fast paced, complex movements against external resistance. While this type of training can yield impressive physical and mental results, it can also lead to injuries and burnout. Why not end your sessions with a mind-body-cool-down designed to calm the nervous system and potentially lessen the chance of injury?

Heart-Opening Breathing Practice

Welcome to Inner Idea. I’m Kelly McGonigal, and today we’ll be practicing a heart-opening breathing exercise.

The intention of this practice is to dissolve restrictions of the heart—both around the physical heart center

Meditation and breathing

Guided Relaxation Script: Breathing the Body

When it comes to stress relief, we need all the help we can get. When you are centered, your students and clients also benefit. Whether you teach a group of people or one-on-one, the following guided relaxation is a great way to lead others in a full-body awareness exercise.

Guided Meditation Script: Route to Relaxation

These days, it seems, we’re all more familiar with feeling stressed than with feeling calm. Luckily for us, we’re designed to relax. The breath is our route to relaxation, and our senses help to personalize the process. The heart lifts slightly when we inhale and drops slightly when we exhale. Because it is the only muscle in the body that never stops working, it has to have built-in breaks. Exhalations are the heart’s resting phases.

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