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Personal trainer Lyn Lindberg
Uncommon Vision

Lyn Lindbergh, a personal trainer, created Couch to Active—the first online fitness studio that’s 100% accessible to people with blindness.

Fitness Class Instructor Marilyn LoPresti
A Fitness Class School of Thought

Marilyn LoPresti, PhD, has spent nearly four decades in education and has seamlessly transitioned her knowledge to each fitness class.

Personal training client Leta during her corrective exercise
Corrective Exercise Success Story

For many, watching a baseball game at home is a simple pleasure, but for retired teacher and baseball fan Leta, sitting on her couch for an extended period often meant debilitating backaches. In 2018, she found corrective exercise and functional-aging specialist Damien Joyner, JD. His patience and skillful training turned out to be a brand-new ballgame.

Personal training client Gabi
The Mom Code

Multicertified trainer Andrea Hammer became a support for teenager Gabi to help her learn new fitness skills and reach her health goals.

Personal trainer Tim Minnick and client Rocky E
Aging Into Fitness

Rocky E. had never set foot inside a gym, but at age 60, he was ready to try something new and reached out to personal trainer Tim Minnick.

Lindsay Maurer and Lilly Deringer
Child’s Play and Namasté

Lilly was like many clients, struggling with anxiety and overwhelm. And for her, it seemed that yoga could be effective as a stress reliever.

Natiya Guin and Desi Bartlett
A Pregnant Pause

Desi Bartlett, MS, CPT, E-RYT, met Natiya Guin at her yoga class and later guided her training through her second pregnancy.

Karen Gischlar and Julie Kaminski
Healthy-Body, Happy-Mind

Health & wellness coach Julie Kaminski, MA, and her client, Karen, were already set up for success before the COVID-19 crisis and have continued their work.

Nicole Simonin and Colleen Donofrio
Losses and Gains

Starting a fitness program can be daunting, especially when your only exercise is the occasional walk or yoga class. But when Colleen Donofrio, then 57, heard about personal trainer Nicole Simonin’s successful program, Shape It Up, her motivation to improve her health—and her yoga poses—outweighed her fears.

Client Harriet
Pliant Programming

You’ve done your homework. You’ve earned multiple specializations from esteemed certification organizations. You’ve worked with lots of clients over the years. So what else do you need if you’re going to benefit those who seek your help?