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Kelly Beck
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Kelly Beck

It helps to have the grounding presence of someone who brings order to the chaos. That’s where our marketing and sales coordinator, Kelly Beck, shines. 

Nicole Krum with her mom and aunts
Meet a Team Member: Nicole Krum

If we could measure warmth and vibrancy, our inspired service specialist Nicole Krum would no doubt score off the charts. A call to our office means likely encountering her kind support as she seamlessly ushers you through IDEA member services.

Linda Morreale
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Linda Morreale

Whenever you complete the smooth process of taking an IDEA course for CECs, you’ll want to spare some credit for Linda Morreale. As IDEA’s educational products manager, Linda works with…

IDEA Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief: Sandy Todd Webster 
Art Director: Annie Morley 
Executive Editor: Joy Keller
Managing Editor: Judy Minich
Digital Producer: Sarah Kolvas

Owner & CEO: Amy Boone Thompson