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Meet a Team Member

Nicole Krum with her mom and aunts

Meet a Team Member: Nicole Krum

If we could measure warmth and vibrancy, our inspired service specialist Nicole Krum would no doubt score off the charts. A call to our office means likely encountering her kind support as she seamlessly ushers you through IDEA member services.

Chris Dotson

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Chris Dotson

If ever you need a helping hand or supportive friend, look no further than our dependable, hard-working inspired service specialist Chris Dotson.

Linda Morreale

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Linda Morreale

Whenever you complete the smooth process of taking an IDEA course for CECs, you’ll want to spare some credit for Linda Morreale. As IDEA’s educational products manager, Linda works with a long list of certification…

Senior inspired service specialist Calvin La

Meet a Team Member: Calvin La

If you ever wander the halls of the IDEA office, you may have the good fortune to be greeted warmly with a bright smile from Calvin La, our affable senior inspired service specialist. Always one to approach his work and interactions with kindness and integrity, Calvin has a knack for making you feel at ease.

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