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Heralding Exotic Herbs

Want to spice up your next dinner party? Experiment with one of the following exotic herbs, which are finding their way to a supermarket shelf near you!
Aged Garlic. Organic garlic that is aged for 20 months, this variety of the bulb has a milder aroma and flavor than other varieties. It is available in capsules and herbal extracts.
Yerba Maté. This…

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Culture, Community and Commitment

Many people might say that group fitness became part of our culture back in the early 1970s, when Judi Sheppard Missett introduced Jazzercise® and Jacki Sorensen launched Aerobic Dancing. Others might argue that our awareness of group “aerobics” began when Jamie Lee Curtis showed her Perfect body in the 1985 movie. And there is no denying the impact Richa…

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Pilates and Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! As you are finding out, pregnancy is one of the most meaningful and remarkable experiences in a woman’s life. Physical radiance, the surge of endorphins and excitement about motherhood are among the most enjoyable benefits. However, pregnancy is also physically and emotionally taxing.
The good news is that exercise can help. Many women with…

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Breakfast of Champions

Few studies have looked at the impact of school meals on a child’s educational performance—until now, that is. Researchers recently reported on a study that evaluated the effect that eating breakfast at school had on 15-year-olds in terms of their scholastic abilities.
Adolescents who followed a 4-month dietary intervention consisting of a free breakfast eaten on schoo…

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2007 IDEA Fitness Programs And Survey

How do fitness professionals motivate people to become active and—perhaps even more challenging—to adhere to a program? How do we help people embrace the lifestyle of being fit? We can draw motivation from our excitement about the unique professional role we play in society. As exercise scientists continue to make new discoveries, we have the resources to bring this informatio…

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Obesity and Suicide in Men

Talk about weird science! Here’s a finding out of left field: Overweight and obese men actually have a lower risk of suicide than their leaner counterparts! The reason this is especially surprising is that the link between high BMI and depressive thoughts that lead to suicide has been well established in the scientific literature.
In the March 12 issue of t…

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Food Fit for Travel

Tired of those tired meals the airlines serve in coach (assuming you even get a meal these days!)? With today’s restrictions on beverages and carry-on luggage, packing a lunch can present even the most seasoned traveler with a culinary challenge. Here are some strategies to help you arrive at your destination sated and sans guilt!

Beat the Beverage Ban. Many airlines…

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Mindful Eating Strategy

Did you know that eating more slowly and mindfully can actually reduce
the amount of food you consume at each meal? That’s one reason why so
many nutrition experts recommend savoring every bite you take! To remember to appreciate your meals and to heighten the dining experience, keep these
words in mind:

“ Drink your tea slowly and reverently,
as if it…

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Meeting the Chain Challenge

When health club chains
announce they are coming to town, what happens to the business of local, independently owned facilities? How can any small business compete when its resources and staff are dwarfed by those of larger outfits? Is there any way to prepare or to level the playing field when dealing with such formidable competition?

Be Prepared

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Fitness and Wellness Intertwine: A Major Industry Rises

In the United States in 2006, total revenues from the health club industry were $17.6 billion (IHRSA 2007a), and total fitness equipment sales were approximately $4.7 billion (SGMA 2007). That means that the U.S. health and fitness club and equipment market is currently worth $22.3 billion—and experts project a 5% growth in 2007 (SGMA 2007). According to the U.S. Department of Labor…

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Conquering a Negative Mood

You wake up to the sound of an annoying alarm, you’re dead tired, and you just plain feel out of sorts. Ugh! How do you go out into the world—or even get out of bed!—and motivate your clients to improve their health and well-being when you are feeling so blah?
Fitness professionals, like everyone else, are subject to getting up on the “wrong side of the bed…

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Creating Members for Life

Ask the managers of any gym, personal training studio or other fitness-based business what their biggest challenge is and you are bound to hear “member retention.” Getting new members is easy—keeping them is more difficult.
Holding on to members for the long term is a special science, one that makes you think about how you approach every aspect of your business….

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Pregnant Pause for Gain Guidelines

Based on the findings of a recent study regarding gestational weight gain and childhood obesity, health experts may need to revise long-standing guidelines on how much weight gain is healthy for women during pregnancy. The purpose of the study, published in the April issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, was to examine the relationship between a mother&rsquo…

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Make the Connection

The fitness industry undoubtedly has much more room to grow, but in what directions will that growth lie? Major forces driving expansion and shaping our efforts to inspire the world to wellness through body, mind and spirit include the aging Baby Boomers, industry diversification, a growing awareness of the link between fitness and health, and the desire to control healthcare costs.

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Findings on Garlic Pills Stink

Many health-conscious consumers are convinced that the garlic supplements they take each day offer many health benefits, including lowering their dangerous cholesterol levels. But does the scientific literature confirm these anecdotal endorsements?
Don’t waste another breath
(or your money) on garlic, say
researchers who recently examined the plant’s effect on chol…

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Making Promises You Can Keep

What kind of promises have you made lately?
I have three kids. When I want to make sure they know I will follow through on a request, I say, “Promise, promise.” The fitness and wellness industry has never been stronger, but it needs a few more professionals not only to stand up and say, “I promise, promise,” but also to deliver, deliver, on their pledges. …

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