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Is a Franchise the Right Fit for You?

By Kristen Horler | October 3, 2018 |

A number of tried-and-proven options to attract new members and clients can help you grow your business without reinventing the wheel. You can join a franchise system, license the rights to an established brand or invest in instructor training to build a specialty business. Each option has an opportunity cost (what you might lose if you don’t choose the particular option), as well as benefits that you might gain. Among these choices, franchise systems offer many advantages.

Group Fitness in a Small-Town Gym

By Angela Yochum, MEd | September 18, 2018 |

An experience: That’s what exercisers want in order to feel inspired and motivated. In the fitness industry, one of the key places where this experience occurs is within a group fitness community. It doesn’t take a big-box gym or a trendy fitness boutique to give participants an amazing experience. With some creativity, flexibility and determination, even the smallest fitness facility or studio can offer a dynamic group fitness program that will give members the experience they crave.

Sexual Harassment and the Fitness Industry

By Carrie Myers Smith | July 11, 2018 |

One day, while stretching my client Jim, I was taken aback when I realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. His shorts were swim trunks with interior netting. I quickly looked away and continued to stretch him. This happened with Jim on several other occasions, but I never mentioned it because I wasn’t sure how to broach the matter. I also didn’t feel as if he was doing this intentionally, nor did I believe he meant harm.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Fitness Business?

By Shirley Archer, JD, MA | May 10, 2018 |

Are you thinking about selling your personal training studio or fitness business? Your business is probably your primary source of income, and selling it will mean you’ll lose that annual income but achieve a one-time capital gain. Are you prepared for that? IDEA member Toby Davis, senior adviser at Sun Acquisitions, Chicago, shares the following tips for anyone preparing to turn over the keys:

9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Clients

By Tyrone A. Holmes, Ed.D | April 2, 2018 |

The success of your business relies solely on your ability to attract and keep clients. Use these tips to enhance the client-trainer relationship so that you can focus more on providing quality service to your current clients and less on finding new ones.

Artificial Intelligence and the Fitness Industry: A Primer

By David Shaw | March 22, 2018 |

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a subplot in your favorite science fiction show! For years, AI has been hyped as a movement that would change the world, but the past 5 years have ushered in a revolution. In short, AI is the creation of “intelligent machines” that mimic humans (think speech recognition, learning, problem solving, etc.). Computers can see, hear and speak to us in a very human way. Products like Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home have almost seamlessly entered our lives and homes.

How to Compete Against Discount Clubs

By | March 22, 2018 |

You’ve worked long and hard to get your fitness facility off the ground, and while you’re doing okay in your community, you’ve noticed some of your membership base trickling away. Upon further investigation, you realize that while you’ve had your nose to the grindstone, managing your facility and planning for growth, a discount club has opened up not far from you. Not only that, but a handful of specialty boutique studios have carved out some market share. Where do you fit in, and what can you do to keep your place?

How to Find Your Epic

By Ryan Halvorson | February 15, 2018 |

The fitness industry is a rewarding and inspiring place to be. However, it’s not without its challenges, and getting ahead with passion alone can be difficult. The most successful fit pros know that to build an epic life and career, they must invest in education and learn from those who’ve been there and done it.

Fitness Facility Membership by the Numbers

By Shirley Archer, JD, MA | January 16, 2018 |

In 2016 America, traditional commercial health clubs—multipurpose, fitness-only and corporate facilities—served 32.2 million members, a 3% decline from 2015, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. Studios served another 18.2 million, a 15% improvement.
Nonprofit facility membership rose 6.9% from 2015 to more than 24 million. Collectively,
studio facilities claimed 40.7% of total membership.

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