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RECIPE FOR HEALTH: Indian Street “Burger”

Perhaps nothing celebrates meat better than a traditional burger, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that vegetables can stand up on a bun next to this American standard just as well. Several chefs put their plant-forward burger creations to the test at the Menus of Change® 3rd Annual Leadership Summit in Hyde Park, New York, in June.

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Creative Ideas That Inspire

At Gymbox™ in London, members experience the dance sensation

Nae Nae.

The celebratory dance was invented by Atlanta-based quintet We Are Toonz, and it features cardio dance moves.

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Sample Class: 3-2-1 Kick!

Are you ready to mix up your martial arts moves? 3-2-1 Kick! is an interval kickboxing class that integrates cardio, strength and core work. In each round of the work phase, innovative cardio kickboxing combinations, martial arts–inspired strength work and core moves are performed in quick intervals to keep participants engaged, motivated and challenged.

3-2-1 Kick! Details

Goal/Emphasis: total-body kickboxing interval training workout

Time: approximately 45 minutes

Equipment: dumbbells, stability balls and mats

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Rookie Undercover: Bypassing Common Mistakes

September marks my 23rd year leading group fitness. A lot has changed since I started teaching. Women are no longer afraid to pick up a pair of dumbbells heavier than 3 pounds, and high impact has given way to high-intensity interval training. What


changed is what it takes to be a strong group fitness instructor. It’s normal to make mistakes, and over the years I’ve made them all. Read on to learn from my rookie flubs and how to avoid making them yourself.

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Personal Transformation Practices

Use a three-pronged approach to help frail participants move better, get stronger and improve their balance.

Do you strive to be a leader in your life? To successfully lead others with authenticity, you must first acquire the tools to lead yourself. Self-mastery and self-?management are fast becoming valued attributes in our outer-directed society. How do you manage your thoughts and practice mindfulness from moment to moment?

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Adding Apps,Wearables and Tracking Devices to Your Fitness Services

Fitness pros and brands expect the industry to shift toward using a lot more technology than we’ve seen so far. While it’s easy to agree that fitness tech is more than a passing fad, getting on board with the nascent tech trend does take some effort (unless you’re engrossed in it already). Read on for practical tips from the experts about weaving apps, wearables and/or activity trackers—and all their ensuing data—into your fitness services.

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Lifestyle Medicine Is a “Team Sport”

Edward Phillips, MD, is the founder and director of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) and assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. A fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Phillips serves on the executive council that developed the organization’s Exercise is Medicine™ global initiative. He is an active…

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Farmhand Fitness Among the Trilliums

Praise for IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ East

Thank you for the great article “Sample Class: Farmhand Fitness,” by
Ryan Halvorson [Class Take-Out, April 2015]. I have a group of older
adults (mean age 70) who train outdoors near Montreal, doing boot
camp–style classes in summer and snowshoeing in winter.

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Fitness Leaders Transforming Lives

We are just home from a remarkable week at the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention™! There is absolutely nothing more energizing than stepping into the epicenter of our industry and interacting with 12,000 fitness professionals who are transforming lives and changing the world every day. While our editors are busy producing an overview of the event in stories and photos for the next issue, we want to share one of the many highlights: celebrating the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Awards recipients!

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How to Make the Most of Internships

Internships are a fact of life in the fitness industry. All major degree programs related to fitness or exercise science require that students complete an internship prior to earning a degree. Colleges and universities want their students to have real-life work experience when they graduate. Internships help students discover their likes and dislikes; the work also helps them to form professional relationships and to differentiate themselves from the hundreds of other recent graduates vying for the same jobs.

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Lessons From the Trenches, Part Three: How to Become a Better Leader

Every day, leaders are faced with new challenges and learning opportunities. Good leaders don’t simply sit back and assume the position of leadership; they embody it. They set a good example, they evolve and they lead through thick or thin. In the third and final installment of this series, we identify ways to lead with greater impact.

Be Empathetic

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How to Help Employees Get Through Personal Crises

One Saturday afternoon, Bill Sonnemaker, MS, 2007 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, watched a newly hired personal trainer lead a group of new members on a tour of Atlanta-based Catalyst Fitness. Sonnemaker—the facility’s owner—noticed that throughout the tour the trainer was receiving text messages to his cell phone.

Once the tour was completed, the trainer checked the messages, which alerted him that an emergency had taken place. He responded to the text: “What’s wrong?”

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Seven Reasons People Join a Fitness Facility, Part Two

Fitness facility owners and managers often focus on what they offer instead of why they offer it. In the first part of this series about why people decide to join a fitness facility, we explored the roles that inspiration, motivation and doctor’s orders play. In this second part, we’ll discuss four more guideposts.

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Boost Business: Know Why People Join a Fitness facility

The daily responsibilities of owning and managing a fitness facility can be overwhelming. Along with all the usual details, like class scheduling and staff management, a primary concern is the danger of reduced revenue due to member turnover. For every two memberships sold, two members seem to cancel, which often causes a manager to have to focus on what to do next to keep the business afloat.

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Pleaser, Queen Bee, Sidekick: Handling Class Cliques

High school may have felt like the toughest time in your life. Navigating the social cliques was mentally draining and often confusing. After graduation, you hoped all that was behind you; however, fast-forward to modern-day group fitness studios and you may find yourself reliving some of your worst nightmares.

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Concrete Strategies for Peak Performance

Why is it that athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the same physical strength, technical skills, equipment and nutrition perform differently and achieve different results? When all else is equal, top performers have a specifically designed mindset that allows them to show up when they’d rather not, endure intense training, rest when needed, cope with enormous pressure, and commit 100% to giving every ounce of effort they have. Were they born with this unique mindset, or is it a skill that can be developed like any other?

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