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Trainer packing fitness class essentials
Class Essentials

What “go-to” items and class essentials do you keep in your backpack or duffle bag? What’s in your professional instructor “kit” and why?

People building community in fitness class
Building Community

How has building community impacted your experience with participants? What advice would you share with other instructors?

Pandemic teaching with fit pro
Evolution in Pandemic Teaching

Fit pros share how pandemic teaching changed their approach through embracing virtual classes and learning new skills.

Outdoor training
Safety Tips for Outdoor Group Exercise

The following tips from the San Francisco Department of Public Health will help fitness professionals take training outside to promote health and safety.

Fitness Class Schedule
Adding a Class to Your Schedule

Whether you’re an instructor wanting to add a class to your schedule or a manager feeling pressured to find the right personality and the best fit for an opening, knowing how others handle this decision may guide you to that “perfect match.” Fortunately, experienced program directors from around the world are willing to share their strategies and suggestions.

Group Fitness Instructor Leadership
Group Exercise Instructors Make an Impact

Group exercise instructors, take heart: Your leadership skills significantly influence participants’ attendance and effort. Australian researchers conducted a study to examine how an instructor’s ability to create a sense of community and group identity among class members affected both effort and attendance. The study examined 249 participants and instructors across a variety of group formats.