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The Future Is Now. What Is Your Plan?

In the worlds of publishing and event planning, it’s imperative that we live in the future or we face the stark reality of going out of business. Our editors started planning this May issue around the time we were all shopping for Thanksgiving turkeys last year. Today, their sights are
already set on articles and themes they can bring you in 2008. On the event side, it can be dice…

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First Steps for the Newly Certified

The newly certified personal fitness trainer (PFT) is much like a college student soon after graduation day. The anticipation of finally being “set free” to move toward carefully crafted hopes and dreams quickly dissipates and is replaced by the fear and anxiety of “What now?”
The road has been arduous—loaded with studying, workshops, practical appli…

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Contraindicated Exercises Revisited

You have undoubtedly heard warnings about the use of exercises referred to as “contraindicated.” Exercises such as the deep squat, unsupported forward flexion, the plow, the hurdler’s stretch, the back bend, and both the full and straight-leg sit-up have typically been considered unsafe for the general population, and you have been encouraged to avoid incorporating them …

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Yoga and Pilates More Popular on Their Own

Although those who offer classes that
fuse yoga or Pilates with other
modalities expect these types
of sessions to grow, so far
they have not taken off.
Pilates and yoga remain
independent activities.

This section of the article is still in the process of conversion to the web….

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Nutrition Needs for Clients who are Pregnant or Nursing

In a typical mom-to-be, the news of a pregnancy is met with excitement, anxiety and a frantic desire to learn everything needed to ensure that her child is born healthy. Whether that newly pregnant woman is yourself, a client, a friend, a workout buddy or a spouse, as a fitness professional, you can serve as a ready source of general information on how she should eat for optimal growth and deve…

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Qigong for Health

Have you heard of qigong (pronounced chee kung)? This gentle Chinese practice dating back several thousand years is finding its way into mainstream American culture. If you are busy, qigong is perfect for you since it requires no apparatus, props or special clothing and can be performed within the space of an office cubicle. What’s more, the exercises can be done sitting, sta…

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Do CPR Chest Compressions Trump Rescue Breaths?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is a requirement for reputable fitness certifications and has been recommended by the American Heart Association for healthcare professionals and the general public for more than 35 years. About 900 Americans die every day from sudden cardiac arrest, so it is always advisable to keep track of suggested changes in the CPR protocol. A recent stud…

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Sample Class: Sweet Sixteen

Are you looking for a new way to motivate your step participants? Take it to the next level by using 16-count combinations in your next class. These options are fun, fast and functional. You can insert them
between blocks of 32-count combinations, giving your class a new feel, or teach them as stand-alone choreography. From dance-based to athletic, these short combos provide a challengi…

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First Annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research

Larry Payne, PhD, founding president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Richard Miller, PhD, co-founder of IAYT, and 800 participants in the growing field of yoga therapy met in Los Angeles, January 18–21, 2007, to kick off the first annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research.
The symposium provided a forum for yoga teachers, therapists and researchers …

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Bone Mineral Density & Weight Loss

When it comes to maintaining strong bones as we age, is it better to lose weight by severely reducing your caloric intake or by exercising instead? Researchers recently set out to examine whether one weight loss method was superior to the other in terms of lost bone mineral density (BMD).
The researchers observed 48 adults (mean age 57) who were
randomly assigned for a year to o…

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Still Time to Be Observant

Although we’re almost at the halfway mark in 2007, it’s not too late to factor in National Health Observances. Health observances are days, weeks or months devoted to highlighting particular health concerns. Think ahead and take advantage of these occasions to offer a special program, contest or celebration. The following list will get you started:

June 11&ndas…

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Concern Over Yoga in Schools Is Resolved

Simply eliminating Sanskrit terms and chanting practices from yoga classes can be enough to ease concerns that yoga could have religious overtones.
Some instructors wanting to teach yoga in public schools have faced
resistance from worried parents, reports the Associated Press. According to yoga instructor Tara Guber, Christian fundamentalists and secular parents lobbied the sc…

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The Myth of Cooling Leftovers

Many cooks thing it is best to cool leftover foods on the counter before putting them in the refrigerator. They (mistakenly) believe that allowing the food to cool more slowly will reduce the likelihood that the food will spoil or that the hot food will cause the fridge to lose energy. Both of these notions are false and dangerous, according to the FDA.

The FDA is on record as saying th…

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Optimizing RPM

If you teach indoor cycling, you’ve probably led some type of cadence drill. Have you ever explored cadence beyond that? The cycling term used for pedaling speed, cadence refers to the number of crank revolutions per minute (rpm). While
cadence alone cannot reflect effort, it is
a critical variable that cyclists use to
manipulate intensity and efficiency. Small computer…

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Media Morsels

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! That’s the attitude Mayo Clinic researchers took when they measured how much
energy kids expended playing video games. The findings were published in the December issue of Pediatrics (2006; 118 [6], 1831–35).
The study is the first to scientifically measure the energy spent playing video games. Subjects included 15 …

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Report Highlights Needs of Older Adults

Fitness professionals are already in the business of health promotion. A recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Merck Company Foundation offers insight into key areas that need to be addressed among the older-adult population. The report, The State of Aging and Health in America 2007, presents current data on 15 key health indicators, in…

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Healthy Living in America

Cooking Light magazine has taken a look at American attitudes to lifestyle. More than 1,000 adults across the country responded to the 2007 Cooking Light Insight survey, which gauged nutrition and exercise knowledge. Here’s what the survey uncovered regarding fitness habits:
6% of American adults get 30 minutes of exercise a day.
22% exerci…

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The Ground-Floor Guru

Subject: Bruno Bosardi
Company: The Body Alchemist

Heal Thyself. Bruno Bosardi, Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise trainer in San Diego, happened upon these two training methodologies just as many other instructors and practitioners do: once a professional dancer, Bosardi began to experience chronic back problems that eventually ended …

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