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Question mark created with pasta to represent low-fat diet
Low-Fat Diets and Overeating

A controlled feeding study at the National Institutes of Health challenges the idea that low-fat diets per se spur on people to overeat.

Food sources of magnesium for diabetes prevention
Magnesium and Diabetes Risk

Only about half of Americans consume the recommended amount of magnesium—a trend that may play a role in the escalating diabetes rates.

Older person holding a donut to show poor diet trends in older adults
Poor Diet Trend Among Older Adults

If you’re working with older clients, it’s a good idea to make sure they are bucking the suboptimal diet trend within this demographic.

Candy and raisins to represent being with different people to eat better
Eat Better With Different People

Dine with others to eat better, since people are less likely to choose an unhealthy food option with those in a different social group.