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Archive for April 2015

Full-Body “Farmhand Fitness”

Several years ago, at the IDEA World Fitness Convention™ session, presenter Michol Dalcourt remarked that young athletes from rural areas tend to perform better on the ice than youth from cities and towns. His assertion: The rural hockey players’ advantage is due to full-body training using low-tech “tools” like heavy logs or hay bales. This workout builds on that concept.

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Answering the Age-Old Question “So, What Do You Think About This Diet?”

Since there is no one “best” diet, and since adherence to a new eating and exercise plan is the most important predictor of whether someone will lose weight and keep it off, providing a simple answer to the question “So, what do you think about this diet?” is unlikely to be helpful. With adherence— rather than the number of fat grams or carbohydrates—being the most crucial factor, the objective changes from providing a client with information about which diet is best to supporting a client in making changes that he or she not only
is ready to make but can feasibly sustain.

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Five Benefits of Eccentric Exercise

Not everyone likes to focus on eccentric contractions, but this style of training deserves more attention because it may be a “secret weapon” for creating healthier joints and a long, lean body. Research reveals the perks for newcomers and well-trained athletes.

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Self Myofascial Release for Seniors

Did you know it’s important to take care of the fascia—or connective tissue—in your body? The health of connective tissue is a serious concern for older people, as movement restrictions can make it hard for them to perform simple activities of daily living. The condition of our connective tissue depends on two factors—how old we are and what we have done in our lives to keep our tissue healthy, hydrated and flexible.

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Create Enduring Change

Alison L. Steiber, PhD, RDN, serves as chief science officer at the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. She previously served as an associate professor and direc- tor of the coordinated dietetic internship and master’s degree program at Case Western Reserve University, where her research focused on nutritional assess- ment, quality of life, functional status, pancreatitis and probiotics.

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Kettlebells and Cardiovascular Improvements

Despite being around for quite some time—the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting suggests their origin can be traced to Ancient Greece—kettlebells have become a popular “trend.” But is all the fuss surrounding kettlebell training sound?

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The Best Time of Day to Exercise for Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes

Do you have clients with type 2 diabetes? Perhaps you should think carefully about when to schedule their strength training sessions, say researchers.

The purpose of their study was to determine whether pre- or post-dinner resistance exercise (RE) would more effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in individuals with type
2 diabetes. The researchers noted that this group tends to have “abnormally” elevated postprandial glucose and triacylglycerol (TAG) concentrations, which are known risk factors for CVD.

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Exercise: The Miracle Cure-All?

Miracle Cure-All?
We know there are many benefits to regular exercise. After sifting through study after study, professors at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom have labeled exercise a miracle cure.

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Activity Requirements for Adults With Limited Mobility

While much of the population is physically able to meet the accepted exercise recommendations for improving health, many people are not. Research from the University Institute on Aging, at the University of Florida, Gainesville, indicates that even modest amounts of activity can prove beneficial for those with physical limitations.

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How To Work With Teen Athletes

Working with a group of teen athletes can be a frustrating experience—but it doesn’t have to be. Justin Russ, CSCS, a strength and conditioning coach at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, offers his top insights on successful team training:

Set the tone. Establish expectations and procedures early. Be sure the teens are aware that you are the coach and they are the athletes, and their job is to listen to what you say.

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Postmenopausal Women: Jump for Bone Health

Knee osteoarthritis (OA)—a progressive disease that destroys articular tissues and cartilage—affects about 13% of women aged 60 and older. According to a report published in the Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine (2011; 2 [2], 205–12), the percentage of the overall population affected by OA is expected to increase owing to the growth of the older-adult segment and to high overweight and obesity rates. However, this study shows there may a solution for women with mild knee OA: progressive-impact exercise.

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Praise for IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ East

I have been to several IDEA conferences through the years (having been a member since IDEA’s inception) and I just have to say that I am proud to be apart of the IDEA family. The presenters and content at these conferences are top-notch ! I can always count on getting the most up-to- date health and fitness information delivered by extremely qualified instructors.

IDEA’s service has been invaluable to me as a fitness professional. You have continually challenged me to grow, learn and share my passion for fitness with others.

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Powerful Postures to Melt Stress

In today’s complicated world, just listening to the evening news on television or radio can raise cortisol rates in the body. High stress levels, combined with current technological advancements, almost unending sensorial bombardment, and the ever-changing dietary habits of many developed countries, can deny the body time for repose and resynthesis.

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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Sunrise Savage, offered at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, Massachusetts, is a 1-hour morning fitness program that employs an unconventional hybrid obstacle course. Playful attendees throw spears, climb ropes and cargo nets, swing on rings, scale walls, flip tires and use sledgehammers. “Anyone can and should do this class,” says class participant John Langan. “You get to do things you can’t find in other gyms: swing across rings like Tarzan, climb cargo nets like Spider-Man, and smash tires with sledgehammers like Thor.”

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