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Coffee beans in the shape of a runner to represent caffeine and athletes
Caffeine and Athletes

Athletes turn to caffeine to help them get through a tough workout, but as with any good thing, too much can be problematic for performance.

Food sources of magnesium for diabetes prevention
Magnesium and Diabetes Risk

Only about half of Americans consume the recommended amount of magnesium—a trend that may play a role in the escalating diabetes rates.

Whey protein for blood sugar control
Protein and Blood Sugar Control

Here’s a simple way to help some people get their blood sugar under control: Gulp back some liquid protein before feasting.

Pea protein
Bye or Buy? Pea Protein

Some research does demonstrate that pea protein can be just as effective at improving muscle size and strength.

Graphic showing link between protein and kidneys
Protein and Kidneys

A study taking a closer look at kidney function in adults may ease health concerns about protein and kidneys.

Bowl of yogurt and fruit that prevent iodine deficiency
Iodine Deficiency and Fecundity

Researchers have observed a drop in fecundity, the probability of becoming pregnant in a menstrual cycle, among women with iodine deficiency.

A graphic of supplements for vegan women
Supplements for Vegan Women

There may be good reason to use supplements for vegan women: white vegan women close to menopause have a 55% greater risk for hip fracture.

Insect protein bug on a fork
Is Insect Protein Effective?

A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that insect protein can be just as effective as milk protein for building muscle.

Protein powder from pig's blood
Pig’s Blood for Protein?

Food scientists have devised a way to produce a flavorless protein powder from pig’s blood, a byproduct of pork meat production.