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Group fitness class to show specialty certificates
Specialty Certificates

Group fitness instructors share insight about choosing specialty certificates in group exercise and trends to look for.

Parenting and Exercise
Parenting and Finding Exercise Time

Generally speaking, fitness program directors and creators may want to brainstorm how to offer family focused fitness programs, or how to provide more robust child care.

Cycle Barre
Cycle Barre

Cycle barre combines two very accessible forms of exercise, with formats that are easy to start at any level of fitness.

People joining a circuit training class
Circuit Training Solutions

This circuit training workout offers endless options for exercise selection, sequencing and timing to keep your students motivated.

AI/ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness Professionals
50 AI/ChatGPT Prompts for Fitness Professionals

Are you curious about using AI/ChatGPT prompts to inspire your exercise and class design? As a fitness professional, you know that creating personalized programs and classes for your clients is crucial for their success. However, with so many variables to consider, such as individual goals, fitness levels, and limitations, designing effective plans can be time-consuming and challenging. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots like ChatGPT can help you streamline your work and enhance clients’ experiences.

Trainer packing fitness class essentials
Class Essentials

What “go-to” items and class essentials do you keep in your backpack or duffle bag? What’s in your professional instructor “kit” and why?

Group fitness instructor showing how to take care of your voice
How to Take Care of Your Voice

As fit pros, it’s rare to be educated about how to take care of your voice the way a performer does, for more entertraining group fitness.

class participation
3 Ways to Boost Fitness Class Participation

Are your class participation numbers dwindling? There are many things you can do to gain new participants and keep people exercising with you, year after year.  The following three tips are easy…

Kenyan runner
Lessons From Kenyan Runners

To get faster and chase their dreams, Kenyan runners have specific training habits which can benefit your fitness business and career.