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Managing Data With Excel Charts



By Tom Holland

Managing Data With Excel Charts
Organizing information into efficient chart formats is a smart move for your business.


ersonal training is a business, and the most successful trainers treat it as such. This means that a trainer must diligently maintain accurate and comprehensive records for all clients, all of the time. While you do not have to be a computer exp…

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6th Annual IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Report

Everyone wants to know them and to benefit from them. Fitness consumers demand them—except
for those who try to avoid them.
What are the newest fitness trends?, we ask.
A trend, according to Webster, is a “line
of general direction and movement” or a “current style or preference.” Being trendy
is being fashionable. And in fitness, there can be a lot of fashion!

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Key Trends in Programs and Equipment

Managers and staff in the fitness industry are very resourceful. The quality and quantity of activities they produce show a flair for innovating an apparently unending blend of exercise formats and equipment. This capability is captured in the results of the 2001 IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Survey. IDEA members reported on their clients, programs, equipment and work environments, and painted a landscape of tried-and-true activities integrated with new options.

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Six Steps for Successful Cross Promotion


Marketing Script for Staff

Here is one example of a practice script and pertinent marketing points you may distribute to staff. Ask staff to practice with each other before they actually begin marketing to members.

Who?: Group Exercise Department, Contact Person

What?: Specialty Yoga Classes for Older Adults

Where?: Group Exercise Studio B

When?: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 am to 10:30 am, beginning November. Preregistration begins August 15.

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Readers’ letters on nontraditional teaching opportunities in the military and safe music tempo in combination classes.

In response to Shirley Archer’s article “Think Beyond the Walls” in the April 2001 issue of IDEA Fitness Edge, I would like to elaborate on the section that described teaching opportunities on military bases. Having worked for the military recreation department for more than 20 years, I recommend contacting the department where you
hope to teach.

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Music Volume

idea fitness edge/September 2001In April 1996, IDEA released its first Opinion Statement on music volume in fitness settings. We decided to update that statement this year, providing additional information on noise and hearing loss to give you a better understanding of this issue.

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IDEA Opinion Statement

Introduction Music volume in fitness facilities continues to be a concern in the fitness industry. Studies have shown that loud music—combined with the accompanying voice level of the instructor—has the potential to cause permanent hearing loss to both the instructor and the class participants.1,2 Research has also demonstrated that people are experiencing hearing loss at…

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