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Archive for September 2002

5 Trends for 2002

At the heart of fitness are the programs and leadership that inspire people to exercise. With powerful programs, you can change people’s lives while doing what you love.

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Marketing Fitness to Baby Boomers

How well are you positioned to market your facility to the first wave of baby boomers, 17 million of whom will turn 50 over the next 4 years? A research brief published by FIND/SVP, a knowledge services company that provides research and consulting on such matters, says that many marketers will miss the target because they don’t fully understand the “new set of values and self-images that will affect how [boomers] act and spend.” The brief sorts out the demographic and financial data for this group, which FIND/SVP projects to become a $1 trillion market by 2005.

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Striking the Right Chord With the Music You Choose

Most group fitness professionals can attest to the power of music in a group setting. But did you ever stop to consider how your music choices affect the people in your classes from a physiological perspective? Your participants probably have little say in the music they hear in your classes, yet they are influenced by…

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How to Design Hot Cardio Warm-Ups

If you’re like most group fitness instructors, you’ve probably devoted a good deal of time to planning
innovative cardio workouts for your participants. But how much time have you spent worrying about the warm-ups for your cardio classes? Your cardio warm-ups may last only 5 or 10 minutes, but they deserve your attention, too.

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Keeping Members Happy When the Music Slows Down

When teaching step classes, how can I (and my fellow instructors) successfully switch from music that is too fast to music that meets safety standards, without losing or upsetting participants accustomed to a faster pace? Our group fitness director recently talked to us about slowing down our music in order to stay within the industry’s safety guidelines. But when we reduced the beats per minute (bpm) in our step classes, participants got upset. Help before I lose all my participants or I lose my job!

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