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Archive for November 2010

Creative Conflict Resolution

When you signed on as manager, you had no way of knowing how time-consuming and stressful it can be to manage people who are angry at each other or angry at you! Yet here you are, spread thin with the responsibilities of administrative work, budgets, member retention and growth, and hiring—when one of your personal trainers comes to you with a problem.

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The Language of Job Postings

If the world as we know it were coming to an end and it was your job to find skilled individuals to rebuild society, how would you pick the “right” people? If you chose wisely, they all would flourish; if you chose unwisely, everyone would flounder. When you’re hiring for your organization, use the same careful consideration.

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The Leadership Labyrinth

Finding the key to effective communication within a fitness facility is a conundrum. With so many employees to manage, so many customers and potential customers to serve, and so many events to organize, group fitness managers may feel concerned that some information gets lost in translation.

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Don’t Be That Manager: Are You Invisible?

Many personal trainers are promoted to being the manager or director of their departments based solely on their success as trainers and not necessarily for their managerial attributes. Now it’s your turn: you are the new personal training manager. You’re finding out how different it is from being on the floor working with clients.

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Maintaining a Competitive Edge

As fitness professionals, we must provide our members with the best and most innovative environment in which to achieve their health goals. This mission means keeping current on all the latest in equipment, training aids, operational systems and facility design. Ideally, the environment and the particular tools and equipment you offer should motivate people to behave in certain desired ways&mdash:specifically, to spend more money, stay longer and refer friends to your club. By assisting members in achieving their own fitness goals, you in turn achieve your business goals.

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Ways to Make Money With Group Fitness

With the success of boot camps and small-group training, personal trainers are beginning to claim the group domain. These days, it’s more profitable for trainers to teach group as an offshoot of personal training than for traditional group exercise instructors to teach scheduled classes! So if you’re an instructor, what can you learn from trainers about increasing your profits?

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