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Details and Documentation

Managers who pay attention to details and have accurate, structured documentation in place can avoid a common managerial pitfall. In my experience, neglecting this aspect of business is the Achilles’ heel of many personal training managers.

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Conducting a Winning Orientation

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maple-glazed roasted root vegetable medley

What spells winter like maple syrup and root veggies? This side dish contains both ingredients and is quick and easy, to boot.
Your kids won’t even notice they’re eating those icky vegetables because they will be distracted by the caramelized maple coating! You can substitute any of the veggies below with sweet potatoes, yams or butternut squash. To ensure even cooking, slice the
veggies into half-inch cubes.

11/2 cups sliced carrots
11/2 cups sliced, peeled parsnips
11/2 cups sliced, peeled turnip

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why older women need more protein

Postmenopausal clients who want to lose weight
while gaining lean muscle mass should increase
their protein intake, says a study in the July issue
of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

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2008 IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Survey

The United States—in fact, much of the world—appears to be in economic recession, owing to such factors as a declining housing market, months of job losses, and turmoil in the credit and financial markets. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of unemployed persons rose to 10.1 million in October 2008, and the…

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Creating Your Own Educational DVD

Many fitness professionals entertain the idea of developing their own DVD programs. Why shouldn’t you? You may have many amazing talents to share, so what better way to promote them than on camera? As the creators, writers, producers and directors of seven educational DVDs aimed at fitness professionals, and two for the general public, we have had the opportunity to learn the many ins and outs of making a program from start to finish.

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Budgeting Basics

Group fitness instructors and personal trainers: are you looking for the next step in your career? If so, you might be interested in moving into management. This move could very well increase your earnings and provide the chance for professional growth in the fitness industry.

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Strategic Saving for a Fitness Convention

While the economic outlook may be bleak right now, your chances of attending a fitness convention in 2009 don’t have to be. You might think you need to put off “live” continuing education, but don’t deprive yourself of this valuable opportunity. It’s crucial to diversify your skills and stay marketable as a fitness professional, especially…

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Injuries Abound Among Baby Boomers

As health-minded Baby Boomers continue to increase physical activity levels, injuries among this group have followed suit. A 2000 report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov/LIBRARY/boomer.pdf; retrieved August 18, 2008) cites a significant increase in sports injury–related doctor visits among Boomers between 1991 and 1998. Boomers are said to account for one-third of…

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How to Change the World in 2009

Happy New Year! This year make it a resolution to bring about global fitness.

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Three Ways to Welcome Seniors

Older adult, senior and mature are terms used to describe an age range of individuals who are now a force in the fitness community. A growing number of businesses and organizations currently cater to this demographic, and the fitness industry is no different with its specialized instruction. Programming increasingly reflects the trend. As a group exercise instructor, it’s your job to deliver great programs and class ideas targeted to older members.

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Flow to Health and Happiness

Have you ever found yourself in a state of complete absorption in a complex and challenging activity that stretches your skills? This wonderful state is called flow, and is described in the best-selling book Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD (Basic Books 1997). Csikszentmihalyi believes that being in flow generates the peak experiences in our lives. The more flow we experience, he suggests, the happier we are.

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Sample Class: Pilates 50/50

Pilates 50/50 is a combination class that fuses lower-body standing moves with mat exercises for a balanced mind-body experience that emphasizes Pilates principles. By moving Pilates into a vertical position, you bring a more functional experience to participants while continuing to offer the key elements of core control and optimal spinal alignment. The standing work is also a great way to warm the entire body for more effective spinal movement during the mat exercises.

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Muscle Activity and Body Position

One day, while I was doing squats in the gym and listening to my iPod, a bodybuilder friend approached me with some advice. “Jason,” she interrupted, “if you want to target the inside of your quads, use a wide stance and point your toes out like a duck. If you want to target the outside…

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Exploring Egypt

As investment in corporate real estate and construction climbs in Egypt in 2009, so will the number of on-site gyms and spas, according to Tamer Farag of Cairo, chief executive officer of Global Sports Co., including Gold’s Gym in Zayed City. “We believe that we are seeing the official start of a boom in health…

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How do you prepare for and handle the busy month of January?

January always brings in a few new prospects who are taking the first step on their New Year’s resolution. If you are prepared, you have the perfect opportunity to increase your membership, attract more personal training clients and take a second look at your business to make the most of these new clients. For Studios…

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Making Strides in Medical Fitness

Subject: Lisa Coors, MBA

Company: Coors Core Fitness LLC

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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A Stable and Unstable Warm-Up

If you’re like a lot of instructors, you tend to use the same warm-up over and over, regardless of the class. By adding a new piece of equipment like the BOSU Balance Trainer, you can turn an old warm-up into a fresh challenge for participants. You also expose students to equipment they might not have used before, which helps promote other classes on the schedule that utilize the same tool. In programs ranging from yoga and Pilates to strength and cardio, there are endless ways to use this fun equipment.

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Are Plastic Bottles and Containers Safe?

When I was studying to be a dietitian, I and my fellow students used to pack leftovers for lunch in little plastic containers so that we didn’t have to eat fast food on campus. We also carted around plastic bottles of water so we had access to clean drinking water all day. We took these…

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