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Archive for February 2008

Eating Disorders Among Athletes

Almost everyone wants to lose weight and drop that extra 5 or 10 pounds. But some people take that desire to extreme measures and will literally starve themselves to be thinner. While we usually associate eating disorders with sedentary clients, the truth is that more and more elite athletes are falling prey to unhealthy eating and e…

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Nutrition: To Advise or Not?

Sound nutrition is an essential element in every person’s overall wellness blueprint. You can do everything else right—as far as exercise, rest and body-mind harmony go—but if you’re not fueling your body sensibly, it will eventually catch up with you. In fact, we think nutrition is so important to wholeness and balance that we devote a full CEC issue to the topic …

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Labyrinth: Walking the Path of the Heart

On the messy road of life, it is often challenging to determine what your next step will be, what direction you will take, which way you will turn. Perhaps that is one reason why walking a labyrinth as a meditation is so appealing: the journey is clearly marked, unobstructed and in full view. Although it twists and winds its way to the center (you do have to pay attention if you don’t …

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Creamy (but Healthy) Pasta Casserole

Who doesn’t
want some “comfort food” after a hard day of working and exercising? Trouble
is, most traditional comfort foods tend to be full of unhealthy fats and
refined carbs. This delicious casserole is a departure from that: Not only is
it quick to prepare, but it is made with healthy soy product…

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Is Your Face on Facebook?

To be successful in business, who
you know is often more advantageous than what you know. For fitness
professionals, a strong personal and professional network is helpful in
building clientele. In an industry where sp…

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Fitness Handout: Exercise Prevents Disease

You probably know that exercise is good
for you, but did you know that it can both improve the quality of your life and reduce the risks of developing diseases? Regularly
participating in moderate physical activity can reduce the risk of coronary
heart disease, hypertension, some cancers and…

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“How Many Times a Week Should a Client Exercise? Why?”

I advise every client to exercise in some form most days of the week. Diabetes and obesity are prevalent in this country in epidemic proportions because of lack of exercise. Additionally, most clients seem to carry high stress levels every day, indicating the need for daily exercise. I urge clients to get in a minimum of 30 minutes daily, preferably 45 minutes or more, of cardiovascula…

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Creative Cross-Training

IDEA member Kimberlee Jensen Stedl and
her husband, Todd, created a workshop, Yoga for Scuba Divers,
which is also the title of their book. The workshop is practiced on land (not
in water) and teaches poses, breathing exercises, visualization te…

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Fitness Forum

Digital IDEA Fitness
Journal Feedback

I noticed your
article on medical fitness (December digital IDEA Fitness Journal) in the “best of” list. You did an excellent
job, and I still believe that it is the wave of the future. Years ago, medical

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Sample Class: Mindful Fusion Fitness

The popularity of yoga and Pilates has
spawned several fun and effective fusion offerings. This particular class,
“Mindful Fusion Fitness,” uses “traditional” fitness-based exercises as the
foundation and then layers on Pilates moves and yoga postures. This approach
allows instructors and participants to begin with familiar exerc…

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Educating for Wholeness

The physical education program at DePaul University in Chicago offers students a choice of two majors: teaching or fitness management and wellness. The latter concentration is unique in that it prepares students for a career managing or developing fitness programs…

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Real-World Fitness

Subject: Annette Lang, MS

Company: Annette Lang Education Systems

The Spark. When Annette Lang first entered into the fitness industry, personal training as a career was still very much under the radar. A fitness enthusiast, she was quick to notice that she seemed to sail through l…

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The Blends Justify the Means

Research continues to validate the need for effective cross-training and frequent changes in the way we train. Biomechanically, the more we train the muscles in the same way, the less they respond (Kravitz 1997). This research bolsters the case for “hybrid,” “combination” or “fusion” classes, which flood the neuromuscular system with…

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Core Design

There are seemingly endless issues to consider regarding exercise selection, execution and class design. Abdominal/trunk/core exercises tend to receive a lot of attention because people are usually more concerned with how their mid sections look rather than, say, their shins. As a result of this hyper awareness, numbers in core-theme…

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