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Archive for November 2014

Self Myofascial Release Without the “Ouch!”

The condition of our connective tissue depends on two factors—how old we are and what we have done in our lives to keep our tissue healthy, hydrated and flexible. The health of connective tissue is a serious concern for older people [and can be for other vulnerable populations], as movement restrictions caused by poor tissue…

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What You Can Learn From CrossFit®

If you ask a room full of fitness managers about CrossFit®, you’re likely to get responses that range in tenor from enthusiastic to disdainful. Despite the bad publicity CrossFit has received and how some in the mainstream fitness industry have shunned it, it’s more popular than ever. CrossFit has over 10,000 affiliates around the world (Beers 2014).

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Inject Creativity Into Your Pilates Program

When you added Pilates classes to your schedule, you took the time to find the best instructors and invest in the right equipment. Sometimes, however, simply scheduling a standard Pilates class isn’t enough to get members to fill the studio. So, once you have a foundation you can trust, why not add flair?

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8 Questions to Ask Before Buying Operations Software

Every successful fitness facility owner reaches a point when it’s no longer possible to track members, attendance and billing manually. At this point, purchasing business management software—the solution to maintaining sanity and enjoyment—is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

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