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Creative Classes That Inspire

Pilates Your Way in Madison, Wisconsin, combines Pilates principles with cardiovascular training in its Piladio class. “We have a number of combinations,” says owner Mike Head. “The two favorites are kickboxing and hip-hop. We also offer a boot camp option and basically any kind of cardio our clients want to mix with Pilates.” The cardio portion is performed…

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The Friendship Challenge

Remember your college days? You may have been blessed with a close group of buddies straight out of the TV series Friends. Do you look around now, however, and notice that you don’t have as many friends as you used to or as you’d like? The bad news is that friends may come and go throughout your life. The good news is that by making a focused effort, you can gain new fr…

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Not Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Want your teens to improve their diets and learn to make healthful choices when they leave your nest? One way to improve their chances is to involve them in food buying and dinner preparation.
A study published in the December 2006
issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that young adults (aged 18–23) benefit from learning simple food purchas…

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Open Heart, Open Mind

It was Gin Miller’s love and passion
for fitness that led to her stepping up
and down on a milk carton to help strengthen her knees after an injury. Shortly thereafter, step training became a fitness phenomenon that has remained popular for almost two decades. She still travels extensively teaching her special brand of creative conceptualism and is a strong advocate for educatio…

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Modeling Puppet Behavior

The Mattel Corporation has found a new avenue for teaching kids about proper nutrition. The company’s Mattel Children’s Foundation recently allocated $15,000 to a Florida-based traveling puppet show to teach the state’s elementary-school children the fundamentals of healthy eating and regular exercise. Orlando’s Michelee Puppets Inc., a nonprofit organization, uses ch…

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Visualizing With Color

Why can color have such a powerful effect on us? Color can stimulate our energy or dull our senses. Bright colors tend to be uplifting, while muted colors are usually more relaxing. One color can even seem repulsive to us, while another may be strongly appealing.
Regardless of our preferences, color and light are essential ingredients of health and well-being. Without sunlight, w…

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Integrate Your Life

Integrate: to form or blend into a whole.

After coaching several clients by phone this morning, I headed to one of my favorite coffee spots for a break. As I was reflecting over the conversations we had, I thought, “People don’t get it.” The ma…

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Sensible Gizmodia

Amid the onslaught of new business technologies that promise so much but often deliver so little, there are a few diamonds-in-the-rough worthy of serious consideration. If you are researching ways to enhance your training business’s overall productivity this year, here is a sam…

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The First Step

By mid-March, most of the “New Year’s resolution members” have vanished. The beach-bound bodies, once focused on shaping up before spring break, have come and gone. This is the fitness industry’s slow season, when group fitness class numbers dwindle and new personal training clients are a little tough to come by.
But spring is also a perfect time to think …

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Pilates Useful for Those With Parkinson’s

What specialty body-mind-spirit programs, if any, do you or your facility offer to help people with chronic conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s
disease or fibromyalgia? Alternatively, do you or your facility offer specialty body-mind skills programs for older adults or other special populations to provide support on multiple levels (e.g., social…

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Exercise for the Breast Cancer Survivor

Imagine undergoing a year of breast cancer treatment, including surgery, lymph node removal, chemotherapy and radiation. Your body feels as if it were under siege. You are ready to take back your life and undergo a strict diet and exercise program. However, just as you are about to start, you find out about a condition called “lymphedema.” Between 200,000 and 400,000 of the 2 …

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Changing Your Clients’ Eating Behaviors

Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle with one flat tire? Chances are, you didn’t get very far. If your clients are seeking weight loss but focusing only on exercise, they too will have a difficult time making progress. Anyone can try to diet, but your clients will enjoy more success if you teach them how to change their behaviors for good.

Losing weight is not rocket…

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CAM Helps People Quit Smoking

People who are actively working to end their smoking habit may be prime candidates for body-mind activities. The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, conducted a survey among 1,175 patients at a Midwestern outpatient tobacco treatment clinic about past use, perceived effectiveness and interest in future use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The aim was t…

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Yoga Aids Computer Users

Yoga instructors may want to incorporate traditional vision exercises into classes in order to benefit participants who work daily at computer screens. Computer workers who practiced yoga for 60 days improved visual comfort and reduced “dry eye,” according to a study published in Head & Face Medicine (2006; 2 [46]; www….

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Researchers Offer New Definition of Quality of Life

Quality of life is a frequently used phrase, but it lacks a precise and consistent definition. Researchers from the College of Nursing, University of South Carolina, Columbia, have addressed this issue and identified a new approach to evaluating quality of life that focuses on a person’s “connectedness” in several domains. This definition contrasts with the tradit…

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Massage Reduces Arthritis Pain

Consider recommending massage to your clients with knee arthritis for an effective, integrative approach to reducing pain and improving function. In a small, randomized study of 68 adults with osteoarthritis of the knee, researchers at the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, found that subjects who received regular hourlong massage t…

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Peace, Healing and the Overweight Body

Subject: Rochelle Rice, MA
Company: In Fitness & In Health

Finding Her Calling. To speak with Rochelle Rice is an inspiring experience. A New Yorker through and through, she is a pint-size dynamo with a voice that commands both authority and empathy and a smile that elicits instant trust. She is a regular presenter on the conference circuit, a…

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