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Man with lean body mass
Keep the Lean Body Mass

Researchers found that higher volumes of resistance training with lower loads were better for female athletes for preserving lean body mass.

Person cycling to avoid muscular dystrophy
The Muscular Dystrophy Cycle

People with muscular dystrophy who did 35 minutes of cycling three times per week had a 32% increase in fitness, according to a study.

Woman with a shoulder injury
Shoulder Injury Prevention

The 2022 Bern Consensus Statement provides best practice guidelines for clinicians, athletes and coaches for managing a shoulder injury.

Illustration of muscle fiber types
Muscle Fiber Types and Training

Experts debate whether and how muscle fiber types can be shifted through training. And training matters, according to a review study.

Older woman lifting for muscular hypertrophy
Lifting for Muscular Hypertrophy

This article provides you with the evidence-based tools to help clients make a strong start in increasing muscular hypertrophy.

Fitness tracker with client
Fitness Trackers and Clients

Fitness trackers aren’t new. Remember when you first strapped on a heart rate monitor and synched it with your watch or cardio machine?

Training coaching corrective exercises.
The Top 10 Corrective Exercises

How does corrective exercise programming fit into your business? Clients who are self-motivated to work hard are already star pupils. But what do you do when a client, because of injury, overuse patterns or some other type of dysfunction, can’t quite make it out of the gate? Many people want and need help with reducing pain in addition to meeting functional fitness goals. One goal dovetails into the other.