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Archive for February 2001

Motivate Without Money

When faced with the dilemma of how to motivate employees, many managers simply avoid offering employee incentives because they “don’t have it in the budget.” Yet most employees can be handsomely rewarded if managers budget time, effort and a bit of creativity.

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What Are the Pay Scales Around the Country?

Average hours worked and compensation for the industry were reported in the January 2001 issue of IDEA Health & Fitness Source. These charts break down those results into regions. When looking at the numbers, consider that the region includes big cities and suburban areas, as well as small towns.

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Kicking Around New Kickboxing Ideas

Experienced teachers know that class variety is one secret to long-term success and self-preservation. Teaching a wide repertoire of class modes—for instance, step, indoor cycling and kickboxing—can help prevent burnout and improve your teaching skills. Developing options within a mode—endurance cycling, mind-body ride and power spin, for example, or step interval, multiple step and advanced step—is also important.

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