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Archive for July 2017

Does Walking While Working
Hurt Your Work?

Do any of your clients use a “treadmill desk” or ask about getting one? If so, they may be curious about the results of a new study in which researchers examined whether the dual-task nature of walking while working impairs cognitive function. Findings were released ahead of print on June 29 (article ID 677289) by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

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Class Plan: Body-Weight Barrage

When was the last time you taught a class based solely on using the body as a “machine”? Body-weight exercises are often undervalued and underused. Many people want to advance rapidly and end up neglecting important functional (and foundational) movement patterns. Body-Weight Barrage blends popular strength training moves with cutting-edge training methods in a way that challenges clients at any fitness level without using barbells, dumbbells or any other equipment.

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6 Steps to Changing Habits

We’re lucky to see our clients 3 hours per week. For this short time, we have great influence over their attitudes and behaviors. However, if we focus only on creating terrific workouts, what about the other 165 hours a week when clients are responsible for behaving in ways that will help them reach their goals? We must think beyond exercise and dive into the scary world of psychology without becoming psychologists.

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Increase Benefits of Foam Rolling With GRID VIBE

Within the past 5 years, foam rolling has gotten the attention of scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs. Hundreds of studies have confirmed that foam rolling can improve range of motion, flexibility and performance—in addition to reducing muscle soreness, pain and recovery time. While foam rolling may have begun as a way for therapists to assist in their patients’ rehabilitation, it is now used by the general population to improve movement and quality of life.

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