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Woman smiling to show uncovering your purpose

4 Steps to Uncover Your Purpose

How do you define your purpose? Lee Jordan, MS, NBC-HWC, and Beth Jordan, RYT 500 describe four action steps below.

Woman looking in mirror at body image in menopause

Body Image in Menopause

During menopause, women experience a hormonal shift that can often be detrimental to their quality of life and body image. Physical changes in appearance, such as graying hair and wrinkles, are a normal part of…

Man journaling

Journaling Prompts

As we settle into 2022, Yoga Journal contributor Milan Sundaresan offers 10 pointers on using journaling to create the life you want.

Holiday Stress

10 Holiday Stress Coping Strategies

With the holidays often come new stressors. Family get-togethers, shopping, decorating, gift buying and wrapping, cooking and baking, and attending special activities can place extra demands on clients and lead to stress.

Here are 10 holiday stress coping strategies from the Mayo Clinic:

Hiking Group

Hiking: It’s For Everyone!

Telling a person to “take a hike,” used to be a bit of an insult, but sending someone on a trek is really more of a favor. Besides having physical benefits, hiking improves mental health by fostering a relationship with nature. Research shows that spending time among trees and the great outdoors reduces blood pressure, lowers cortisol and adrenaline levels, and amps up the immune system (Mitten 2016).