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Mind-Body / Recovery

Woman performing Pilates training on a reformer.

Pilates Training Is a Game-Changer

Strong evidence shows that Pilates training is an effective conditioning method for healthy individuals, particularly those wanting to increase core stability. Furthermore, Pilates can be a game-changer for athletes. Benefits of Pilates Training Here’s a…

Group photo at 2022 IDEA World Convention

A New Meeting of Mind, Body and Soul

Here’s a peek into that world where the mind can explore new ways of approaching classic formats; where your imagination can stretch along with your body; and where your spirit can soar through pure and powerful inspiration that nourishes the soul.

Multiple arrows pointing up to represent future fitness trends

40 Future Fitness Trends to Grow Your Business

At IDEA, we’re fond of the number 40, especially this year. The not-so-secret reason? Because 2022 marks our 40th anniversary as a guiding force in health, fitness and nutrition. As we’ve grown up alongside the fitness industry, we’ve witnessed unimaginable transformation and scoped out future fitness trends. Take a look at these 40 solid pathways to success, some of which are already established and others that are emerging.

Woman smiling to show uncovering your purpose

4 Steps to Uncover Your Purpose

How do you define your purpose? Lee Jordan, MS, NBC-HWC, and Beth Jordan, RYT 500 describe four action steps below.

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