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Quick, Italian Chicken Stir-Fry

Although this recipe is quick and easy, you can save even more time by using minced garlic from a jar and/or frozen mixed vegetables!

1 tablespoon (tbs) extra-virgin olive oil
3⁄4 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast, cut in 3⁄4-inch pieces
1 large zucchini, diced
1 large red pepper, cored and diced
1 teaspoon (tsp) minced g…

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How Long Do You Keep Client Records?

When a new member joins the Cooper Fitness Center, all his or her initial information (data sheet, informed consent and PAR-Q) is stored in our mainframe database. The information stays active as long as the member is active. Once a person leaves the center, the records are…

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How to Measure Vegetables in Recipes

Any cook who has ever tried to guess how many asparagus spears equal a pound when a scale is not available knows how hard this can be. (Try stuffing a measuring cup with those pesky raw spears!) Here’s a cheat sheet to follow when faced with this type of dilemma.

asparagus: 1 pound = 15–20 large spears

carrots: 1 pound = 5–6 medium carrots

green b…

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What Is Imagery?

Many fitness instructors use imagery techniques that draw on personal experiences of athletic events or nature outings to enhance indoor cycling classes or lead relaxation during a cooldown. More and more research supports the benefits of using imagery to achieve specific object…

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The Knee Joint



The Knee JointV
joint surfaces.

Anatomy, common injuries and postrehab strategies.
Knee injuries are among the most common complaints of individuals involved in sports and fitness activities. This is not surprising, since the knee is a weightbearing joint that must withstand large forces–sometimes, as in running and jumping, double and quadruple an individ…

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Competitive Athletes at Risk for “Superbug”

In the past, outbreaks of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) have been mainly connected with healthcare institutions. Recently, however, physicians have been seeing more infections— including skin boils and pneumonia—caused by drug-resistant bacteria.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that outbreaks among “pla…

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Whole-Body Vibration Training

No pain, no gain? This popular adage may not ring true for whole-body vibration (WBV), a new training method that has been used widely in Europe. WBV training has been shown to increase muscular strength, explosive power and anabolic hormone levels when performed for as little as 4 minutes three times a week (Bosco et al. 2000; Torvinen et al. 2002). It requires relatively little exertion…

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Sample Class: Ready, Set, Go!

Do you want to transform your group fitness studio into a training ground for speed, agility and power? Get your participants into the game with nine stations equally focused on key athletic principles. Sports conditioning enthusiasts and students looking for a new challenge will be drawn naturally to this format.

Ready, Set, Go! Details


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Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

Are you having trouble waking up on these cold, dreary mornings? Have your clients seemed more lethargic or grouchy during training sessions lately? Do your students complain that their energy levels are lower than the temperature outside?
It’s important for fitness professionals to realize that such signals may point to more than just postholiday doldrums. You or your clients …

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The Science of Self-Monitoring

Did you know that over two centuries ago, Benjamin Franklin used detailed grids to measure his progress toward the 13 goals he had set for himself? He believed this logging process deepened his self-understanding and enhanced his efforts to modify his behavior.
Today, many accomplished people use the same technique in their efforts to achieve more and perform better. Re-search confi…

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